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  1. Yes I do this all the time. I was suddenly paralysed from the neck down and was on my own when it happened. I constantly relive it and I get so far then I physically have to stop myself from thinking about it. I'm hoping over time it bothers me less and less.
  2. Thankyou Charlotte, I appreciate your kind reply x
  3. Thankyou all so much for your kind words, it's most appreciated xx
  4. Hi everyone I had a suberachnoid haemorrhage on 15 May. I was lying in bed and I suddenly felt paralysed from the neck down. I live alone and it was terrifying. I either passed out or I've lost my memory because the next thing I remember was waking up in hospital the next morning. I'd been sick, knocked things over and my legs and knees were covered in blood and bruises. Apparently I'd knocked on my neighbours door at 4am and he called an ambulance. I had an operation to clip the bleed four days later and spent three weeks in hospital. Physically I feel
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