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  1. Thanks Louise, sat drinking pint of water as we speak. I know you're right I'm only 10 weeks down the line. It is hard to accept this is the new me. Can definitely see improvements since coming out of hospital. Same as everyone says one day at a time😊
  2. Thanks Jean, I'm really glad I've found this group. Have a good day 😊 Cindy
  3. Aww thanks swishy, what you say is so true. Next Tuesday I'm seeing 2 work friends. Will be the first time I've seen anyone other than close family. Bit nervous, know I look ok on the outside and most of the time I sound ok. Suppose I worry about the fact I'm not ready for work yet. Cindy x
  4. Thanks Jean I know you're right. Think I'm just still a little shell shocked and not fully admitting what's happened to me.
  5. Hi, thanks for the advice, been out twice today for a walk with my daughter. Resting now so tired but did 2000 steps more today than last time we went out. Same as everyone else I'm aware I look ok on the outside but tried to use hubby's laptop today to reply to an email I found it very hard and stressful just using the laptop my daughter had to take over and do it for me. I found this very upsetting as I keep thinking about how long before I can think of returning to work, today showed me I'm further away from that day than I thought. Not sure what's a realistic time to allow
  6. Thanks I'm in Shropshire UK. Yes covid having same effect here, getting in the way of follow ups.
  7. Found you through Google. I had a sah in July. Still struggling coming to terms with how things will be for me. I know I've been very lucky I had two Tia's the effects from them have mostly gone. I don't travel well at the moment. Headaches seem to be on the increase. I've had 2 procedures into the brain to see what has happened. I don't have an anueryism but they don't know what's the cause. Waiting for the blood clot to disperse so they can get a clearer look.
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