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  1. Late November the DVLA formally advised me that I needed to carry our a Goldman test at an approved optician, but no date for this could be arranged yet because of Covid pressures!!. Early December 2020, after appealing to the DVLA on compassionate grounds they relented and gave me the details to arrange a test. I was given a date in mid February at a Hospital (only one test a week because of Covid). i accepted this but said I would take any cancellation - and subsequently was given a date early January. For the the Goldman perimetry test, you sit in front of a large white dish w
  2. My frustrations with the DVLA continue... I submitted a new (private) field test in mid-September to the DVLA which looked a lot better than the earlier ones. 2 weeks later I received a reply "thank you for your correspondence .... However our records show that your driving licence is not valid (???). Please fill in the enclosed forms ..." There was no acknowledgement or comment about the newly supplied test, so presumably this was just a template reply. Not clear. I phoned up asking if this meant that the new test results had been satisfactory and was told "yes" and therefore I
  3. I had a minor stroke in November 2019 which resulted in a small visual defect in the lower right hand quadrant of my right eye. there were no other consequences fortunately. I didn't drive for the mandatory 6 weeks and was signed off by the stroke consultant who had put me on to anticoagulants, at the same time. I reported the situation to the DVLA who sent me for a visual field test at Specsavers at the end of January. I was a little nervous doing the test, but when I asked the technician at the end how I had done, all she would say "as we expected". I took this (wrongly) to be reassuring.
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