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  1. Hi everyone, hope you’re all feeling healthy and positive today. Mum had a repeat MRI which showed two lesions (?uncertain exactly what they are) on her cervical spine and a corpectomy is the next plan. Anyone have any experience or knowledge on this? 😊
  2. Hi Tina, Skippy and Daffodil. Thank you all for your re-assuring replies, it feels very nice to be given some confidence and care from those who have gone through this. Mum's cerebral angiogram got replaced with a spinal angiogram - this spinal angiogram showed no malformation or fistulas, and therefore, still no answer as to why the bleed happened. Can someone please clarify for me, at which point does the med team diagnose a perimesencephalic SAH - as I understand, a perimesencephalic SAH is a bleed "without cause". Mum is quite weak in both legs espe
  3. Hi everyone, thank you for welcoming me. I want to report a very bizarre story about how my mum ended up with SAH. Mum is a healthy 58 year old but with ongoing aches and pains. Last week, she woke up on Wednesday the 21st Oct with tight chest pain and feeling ill, which she knew was different than usual. She called her GP and she got an appointment straight away. At the appointment, her ECGs looked concerning so they sent her to Emergencies at the hospital for further checking. While she waited in ED she got light headed and dizzy. Upon admission, she got some
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