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  1. Hi Daff, I was a workaholic...As a first grade teacher, I was usually in the building early and left at 5 pm or 6 pm daily (the custodians use to kick me out of the building lol) I worked weekends. The day of my hemorrhage, I was scheduled to tutor a student... Yes, As a society ‘busy’ is worn as a medal! I'm learning to take quiet time to heal...
  2. Hi Bev75! Thank you for your response. I will check out Mark Williams. I am glad that you are coping much better using relaxation techniques. I've heard of Headspace and want to download their app. I'm sure a calm quiet environment will help our overall health. I'm starting to think (based on the book Tinnitus, From Tyrant to Friend, by Cowan Hill) that the shrill, buzzing sound is my body's response to extreme stress and my NASAH. I will sing today! Blessings!
  3. Hi Daffodil! This is GAM. Sorry for the late reply. I appreciate your sharing so much! I was really down this past week. The tinnitus started in the other ear on and off. I felt like I was relaxing more and doing my best to get better. Your post inspired me to be patient and to continue to take care of myself. I tried "turning off all competing noise and switching of devices. Try and have some complete silence." I felt more at peace. Many blessings to you!
  4. Hi! I am almost 5 months post NASAH. The ringing sound had reduced after the first month. Then one weekend after much stress (worry about being forced to return to full time work, relationship conflict, etc. the sound was loud. I consulted with my neurologist and was given continued time off from work and reduced home conflict. The sound however, increased in December to an almost unbearable level. I went to the ER out of fear that something was happening again in my head...I waited 7 hours in the ER amid patients coming in with Covid-19. CT was clear. I began to s
  5. Hi, The others advice really helped me. I am doing counseling via tel-med with a doctor who has worked with clients with brain bleeds. It is mostly helpful. I may try another doctor. I am almost 6 most post NASAH. I pushed myself back in month 3 because thought I should get ready to go back to work full-time. The ringing in my head increased in volume and doesn't stop...However, the greatest gift I experience is acting kinder and more accepting of myself and not setting goals...my body is the guide. I wish you well on your journey.
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