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  1. Question: my son told me tonight that the doctors could not locate the location of the SAH. They said there was too much blood and it most likely was too deep. so what does that mean? Did it just stop bleeding on its own? I do not know enough about this to even know what questions to ask...but I see neuro on 01/28 do I hope I will learn more.
  2. Hi. I will attempt to briefly introduce myself and apologize in advance if I have messed up on the ‘rules’. My brain is a bit fuzzy. 😜 I had just finished a little get together with three of my grandkids and sat down to have popcorn when suddenly the head and neck ache hit me. At that moment I remembered hearing a man on the radio talk about the headache that would kill. He said call 911 and tell them that, and they would have a heads up about what was happening...so I told my daughter to call and tell them that. Within a few hours I had been airlifted to Iowa City, to th
  3. I have been reading and see I should have made this first post in another forum. so sorry!! I will learn...and I have read my headache is something many experience. OK. Thanks. I am so glad to have found this place. Looking forward to learning.
  4. 11/29/2020 I had a SAH and have probably a very basic question and comment. is it normal to have a head and neck ache? Not at all as bad as the one that got me to the hospital but a minor one that is in the neck. It scares me. I just am anxious to hear what can be seen as ‘sort of normal’ after SAH. I will be reading a lot here, and apologize for such a basic question but I want to ‘settle down’ and know this is something that is experienced by those of you who have walked this path.
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