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  1. Thanks so much. Aww certainly, this site helped us massively as we would have had no idea where to start. It gave us the best advice and can now honestly say to anyone in the same position - just don’t give up. The DVLA process will take its toll but just continue with it and you will get where you need to be. Sounds great, I think NC500 is definitely on the travel list now.
  2. Hello, Thought I would come back on to give you all an update. After over 4 months of back and forward with the DVLA with medical forms, eye tests etc, my partner got the call yesterday to say he has his full licence and can drive. Thanks so much to everyone’s advice in this group which helped us with the process. We also tried emailing Tim Burton a few weeks ago who is head of medical department and not sure if that’s what sped the process along as we thought we were still in for a long journey but couldn’t believe when we got the call yesterday. We are currently out driving on the motorway after 4 months of him not being able to drive - what a feeling. And perfect timing before our baby arrives in a matter of weeks. Thanks again. Kerry
  3. And finally 2nd attempt below - which was slightly worse than 1st
  4. Managed to get it to work after changing to PDF. This is 1st attempt results below:
  5. Hi Johnnie M, So my partner went for the esterman visual field test yesterday and we picked up his results today - specsavers don’t indicate on wether you have passed or not but we sent them onto 2 opticians we know, who both said it would be unlikely they would pass due to the clusters in the same area. He was allowed 2 attempts, the 1st one producing better results than the 2nd (I have attached results to this post). As we know its not likely he will pass the esterman we plan on pulling together as much evidence as possible to send to the DVLA while they are assessing his situation as we know it has well past the 12 months since the minor stroke incident happened. I was reading the other blogs/posts and just wanted to check - I noticed on the post you included your esterman results you said that you done one again later and there was a slight improvement - was this one a pass under the 20/120 rules or still a fail but the other considerations of the exceptional rules were the reason you got your licence back? Our plan at the moment is to send a letter to the DVLA highlighting all the requirements of the stipulated conditions, along with the relevant letters and medical reports (hopefully) to give them all the evidence they need before they revoke as we don’t want to wait until they make a decision incase the 12 month rule applies. Although the DVLA website does advise the defect should be present for 12 months which I assume we can base our case on for reapplying should they revoke it before we send all this information to them. Unfortunately I don’t think they would partner him up, but I will get him to check regarding the unfit to work insurance. Kerry Ps - it won’t let me upload any pictures (saying files too big, any ideas on this?)
  6. Hi Johnnie M, Thank you so much for your quick reply. We have booked a private esterman test today with local specsavers, I think for more than anything to give us a head start on what we will need to plan from here. They have advised that DVLA during COVID were accepting private paid tests in advance of them sending you for one due to delays at their end - but we will definitely wait until we have the letter before we send anything on to them, incase they don’t ask for one, although given the diagnosis, I think they are likely to. I would be interested to find out if my partner will still have to wait 12 months after revoking his license, given that he will be able to prove that the stroke itself happened more than at least 12 months ago and assuming if he can prove from a healthcare specialist that his diagnosis hasn’t deteriorated from January 2020 (when he had the original eye test) until now. Especially as he has been driving since then, given no one told him otherwise. I have read through all the posts and I am so grateful for all the information provided by everyone - it gives us hope not to give up, that even if he looses his license there is a good chance we will get it back. Will be sure to keep you updated. Thanks again. Kerry
  7. Hello all, I would be grateful for some advice. My partner, after a routine eye test, was told he had lost some of his peripheral vision. They then sent him on for more tests/scans and it turns out at some point he has suffered a minor stroke, which has caused the damage to his sight. His original vision test was carried out early last year - with no mention of not driving from the eye doctor. Now it’s made it’s way through the relevant departments at the hospital - he received a call from the stoke clinic yesterday to advise he has Lower Right Quadrantanopia and to stop driving and inform the DVLA who will assess if he can drive or not. This has us both worried sick as I have been reading online about the DVLA field test and licenses being revoked. He requires to drive for his job as he is a service engineer so his work have placed him on sick leave at the moment. To add to the stress, I am pregnant and can’t stop worrying about what will happen if they take his license and he can no longer work In his field of work with maternity pending. He submitted the medical forms to the DVLA yesterday and is waiting to hear back from them, which I am assuming will be a requirement to take the field test. Any advice would be helpful and also Vincent / Tania - how did you get on with the whole situation being COVID... since we are still going through it 7 months on... Thanks Kerry
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