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  1. Thank you everyone for your replies, suggestions and kind words. I introduced myself first and then started to read through the forums and posts, there was so much information that was relevant to me, i found the answers I was looking for in there, not so much what I wanted to hear but I do understand things much better now. I especially loved the letter to my brain. Thank you
  2. Hello, my name is Monique and I had a nightmare migraine on xmas day and woke up just after new year in hospital. I had 2 aneurysm, and clipping procedure (sorry I dont have my discharge summary and can not remember the medical terms) I have a family history of aneurysms. One killed my mother when she was 48. I turned 45 just 2 days prior to xmas. I am (was) a fit and healthy mother of 3 boys. I worked full time as a care giver. I never get sick, cant ever remember staying in bed all day and I'm finding the boredom is making me depressed. I just dont know what to do wi
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