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  1. Hey guys, So I've gone back to work and I'm so exhausted is this normal? I feel like my quickness is never going to come back x
  2. Thank you guys. I'm just finding it all frustrating for me as I'm so independent but I will get there slowly. X
  3. Thank you all, really appreciate you replying. I also love wine and I know drinking it can cause more problems. Any advice? X
  4. Aww thank you hun really helps you replying to my post. My doctor has now signed me off for another 6 weeks as I'm not getting on well at work going back part time. Is there any other help financially I could apply for? X
  5. Hi all, Just need some advice. In November I experienced a sah due to a fall off my horse. I've been back to work 5 weeks only doing mornings. I'm still experiencing tiredness, dizzyness and headaches, has anyone experienced this still after and if so for how long? I've been signed off for another 6 weeks to rest but I live on my own and can't afford ssp for 6 weeks. Hope to hear from you and any help accepted. Love shazza x
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