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  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences.
  2. I’ve seen on here that many have returned to exercise after their NASAH. How long after was it when you started back? I’m was quite active before this happened and not exercising for a month has made me feel weak. As of now it’s all I can do to try & manage my cognitive activities - I’m not sure how to start factoring in physical activities too... Just trying to get an idea. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  3. As I’ve started to adjust to the fact recovery will be more of a slow & steady marathon than a quick sprint, I’m offloading non-essential activities and reducing my work commitments. Even the activities required to “slow down” can be tiring, but the more I let go of - the anxiety and headaches are less intense. I’m hoping and praying for a slower pace so I can heal & enjoy my son’s wedding in May. Best to you all.
  4. Rachathers - it’s definitely an exhausting and frustrating time. I wish you well and I’m glad you got good care.
  5. My NASAH happened February 22nd. Thankfully my husband was home, we got good care, and I have no major physical deficits.I was in the hospital for 9 days and I believed that once the blood cleared from the CSF that I would be back to normal. Once I was home for a few days, I was getting very depressed and frustrated about the exhaustion and headaches because I thought I should be better. Thankfully I found this site and have started to form more realistic expectations for what may be a long recovery. Some days I am very sad about what happened and about my lack of energy and about my lack of ability to concentrate for very long. Some days I fell almost normal, but these are usually followed by a tired day. The roller-coaster of physical and emotional experiences is really hard. My husband is absolutely wonderful and I worry about the toll this is taking on him and on our relationship - I'm just still really shaken by the whole thing. I've been reading the site for the past few days and thought I would post... I know you're going to tell me that it is early days and I need to give myself more time, but I am finding it very difficult to slow down and manage the expectations I have had for myself for so long...but I'm trying.
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