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  1. My Subarachnoid haemorrhage happened on 26th Feb, I was at work and all of a sudden had the worst headache imaginable. I managed to get outside where I was met by my husband ( who works at same place) and 2 of the shift managers, all I could do is clench the back of my head and neck, my throat felt like it was closing up and I remember I was crying. My managers told my husband to take me straight to the hospital which is what he did. Owing to covid restrictions he wasn't allowed past a&e car park and was told to go home. I was left alone, in pain and frightened. It took an hour and half to be seen by the triage nurse who gave me 2 x paracetamol, and although my BP was through the roof told me it was probably a migraine and to wait back in the waiting room. At this point I was questioning my own symptoms and thinking how stupid I'm gonna look going back to work and telling them I had a migraine at the same time the lights and the sounds of people talking were driving me insane. 4 hours later ( total of 5 1/2) to see the doctor. I was called in and as soon as I told the doctor what happened I was straight down for a CT scan where it was confirmed I had a bleed. I was awaiting transfer to another hospital which specialises in neuroscience but to be accepted had to have a negative covid test. After having 2 covid tests as the first test was a normal test which results could take 48 hrs and I was supposed to have a fast track test so I could start treatment that I needed, and waiting for transport (first lot of transport refused to take me because of the diagnosis as the wrong hospital transport was first booked) I eventually made the neuroscience high dependency ward 24hours after I initially got to a&e. The care I received there was fantastic, I was on complete bed rest laid flat on my back and catheterised from the minute I arrived, this was all overwhelming as at the previous hospital I was able to walk around, go to the bathroom independently basically just waiting and using up a trolley until I was transferred. I was taken for another CT scan and had an angiogram which showed no aneurysm. Consultant said it was a spontaneous bleed with no known cause. After 10 days in hospital I was discharged, it's still early days but I was expecting to be better by now, the fatigue is immense and even though I was warned about the after effects I'm still quite shocked how debilitating the tiredness and the continued headaches are. My short term memory is shocking and I can't concentrate for long. I'm hoping this doesn't continue for too much longer as I need to get back to work to earn money, I'm getting SSP at the moment which is not sustainable for too long. I'm glad I came across this forum, reading about other people's experience has put my mind at rest as I was worried about the continuing symptoms but realise I'm on a long load to recovery and realise it's not a race to get better and that I need to listen to my body.
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