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  1. Well, did my first two days at work and .. I’m pretty much okay. Was well tired yesterday, but think that’s more because sunday’s Line of Duty’s cliffhanger left me a bit hyper and unable to sleep than due to work 😂 I work a bit slower than I used to (that speed was untenable however ... I was like the Duracell bunny on speed), but hectic mix of phone calls, huge open work space with colleagues dotted about here and there, the adoring public when they come to make a complaint, politicians badgering you, ... (it’s such a joy being a local civil servant 😜) ... so far, I’m dealing wi
  2. Well, haven’t tried the other part of the song yet 😂 am waiting for next consult to ask whether it’s okay to have alcohol (low quantity) again Think my attitude stems from past experience. My mother’s side of the family has the unfortunate hobby of dieing at a relatively young age, so already took into account that it could happen to me too. It makes you live your life differently I suppose. My gran has survived a grand child, her three children and her husband. Though each and every death devastated her thoroughly, she always found the inner strength to go on and live her
  3. I’m 43 and I’m head of a tiny department (4,5 people and no, I didn’t saw one in half ... she works for another department too). Local government, a coastal town in Belgium. Closest equivalent to my job I’ve ever seen is ‘housing inspector’, that daytime program on the BBC a few years back, so declaring houses uninhabitable due to low quality or because the inhabitants are hoarders or just plain messy. I also do some local taxes, so I have a really positive job! 😂 😂 Stress level is moderate most of the time, high on occasion, but after 16 years I’ve pretty much seen and heard it
  4. Hi, I’m a newbie, discovered the forum by chance and it’s been a great help. It’s very useful to hear other people’s experiences as it’s something the specialist can’t tell you. Before I go into my story ... if you spot spelling mistakes, I’m Belgian, so English isn’t my first language and my Ipad has the unfortunate habit of switching Words to Dutch 😂 I had my bleed on feb 18th. I’m single, so was home alone. I’m used to severe migraine attacks, but immediately realised this was something completely different. Immediately sent a chat message to some friends to bring
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