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  1. Thank you for the warm welcome, Tina 🙂
  2. Thanks, Jean. I think my 'old me' is a bit too harsh with my 'new me' at the moment. I'm trying not to compare myself with how I was before the SAH but it's not always easy. Even though it's been nearly 10 months, I suppose it is still early days for me and we all need to adapt ourselves to our new life. I'm learning a lot from this forum and it gives me some strength and hope. Thank you very much 🙂
  3. Hi Gurveena, I had mine 7 weeks ago (Oxford/Astrazeneca). My arm was a bit sore and was a bit red for a couple of days, nothing else. Good luck.
  4. Thank you Clare. I'm still waiting for my post MRI scan, which I should have had a few months ago but Covid has delayed things a lot. I'll then check with the consultants. Noise is another factor, especially when I'm tired. You're right. I suppose it takes time to adapt to these new situations and feelings. When I'm down, I just try to remind myself that I'm glad to still be here and that I didn't get any physical issues. Thanks again. Pascal
  5. I’m a 50+ French guy who suffered a ruptured SAH back in June last year followed by an emergency splenectomy 2 weeks later while still in HDU. They didn’t seem to be related but none had an identified cause. Prior to the SAH, I had suffered some massive headaches and pain at the back of my neck for about 2 weeks but thought it was muscle related (even seen a physio) . Then, one evening I collapsed in front of my wife and grown-up kids (who performed CPR while on the phone with the medics). 9 months on, and I still suffer with cognitive issues (memory problems, lack of concentration…) as well as some strange sensations inside my brain when tired or trying to concentrate/focus too much (pins and needles, feeling lightheaded). I’ve gone back to work a few weeks ago with reduced hours and with different, easier tasks as I can’t do my previous job at the moment (stats, data analysis, reporting). I’ve seen some baby steps improvements with memory for instance, but generally, I feel I am, in a way, a different person which can sometimes be unsettling especially as I can’t find any information on these weird sensations in my brain. I’m very grateful to have discovered this forum a few months ago and find it very helpful.
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