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  1. Thank you Sami. The licence means my job. Working from home/ sat in an office just isn't me as I've found out over the last few months!
  2. Just back from my eye test SMASHED IT!!!!!!!!!! Only one missed spot in the high left area which the optician said was completely irrelevant. Hopefully that means my licence will arrive soon but I'll wait until that day to celebrate properly. Thank you Johnnie and Tina for your calming words
  3. Thanks Johnnie, I'm not normally a person who gets stressed but for some reason this has got me so wound up! As you say, the choice to surrender my licence was a personal one but, looking at the website and from other legal advice, I shouldn't have to do another test whether it be an eye-test or driving assessment. The DVLA is breaking its own rules (I believe it's Section 88 of the Road Traffic Act) but reading through a lot of posts on here, I can see it is quite often the case that the goalposts get moved . As you also say, look at the light, click the button and get licenc
  4. Thanks very much for your reply Tina. I've been lurking around the Forums for a few months and , in the main ,have taken great comfort from the experiences of others. When I surrendered my licence I knew it was the right thing to do but was under the impression that, as long as my consultant agreed, I could drive once DVLA had received my application. To be told to go for another eye test is a shock and very annoying but as you say, I should pass it anyway. I'll certainly be back with updates.
  5. Hi Everyone I had my event(stroke) in June last year but was lucky enough to suffer none of the more serious side effects other than my vision. I lost my total left peripheral vision which was completely weird and I couldn't walk safely never mind drive. Fortunately most of my vision recovered very quickly (about 4/5 weeks) but I was left with a blind spot area to the top left of my vision. I had an eye test at my local hospital in October which confirmed to me that there is no way I should drive so I surrendered my licence....I didn't want to risk it, I knew I wasn't
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