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  1. Hi Melissa I'm 7 years post SAH-NA. 12th July is still a day of mixed emotions for me but I try to focus on the positives. My support nurse told me in 2013 that how I was in 10 years would be it for life. To be honest, I thought that was horrendous at the time but now I'll take that. I still get tired, forget names, am clumsy and panic at any sharp pain in my head. Looking back I realise that it did take a long time to get to where I am. Bizarrely I'm 'happy' that it happened as I have changed a lot of things about my life. Learning to say that I'm not up to something
  2. I had the same story and then a huge delay from DVLA when they did have the report for no apparent reason. I admit that in the end I wrote to my MP with all the information, who in turn got on to DVLA. Lo and behold I had a letter from DVLA within 2 days of the MP's contact with them, saying that I was ok to drive.
  3. I went back to work after 4 months and to be honest it was too soon. I was allowed 6 months and now wish that I'd taken it. Don't compare how you are at home to how you'll be in work - you'll probably be exhausted physically and mentally. Also, you'll have all the 'you don't look like there's anything wrong with you' to deal with. Take you time and listen to your body. I hope that you have an understanding employer. Best wishes
  4. Hi everyone I recently saw a doctor at Rookwood Hospital in Cardiff to discuss my rehab. She showed me my CT scans and angiograms, which is the first time I've seen them. It floored me completely and I had a bit of a breakdown in the room. I've posted before about my feelings of being 'not that bad'. My scans showed two significant areas of hydrocephalus, plus the swelling of my brain and blood that had collected. It was all a little unreal, like I was watching an episode of 24 Hours in A&E!! The doctor put it into perspective by saying that I really had been very ill and have had a
  5. Hi everyone I use my neck as a barometer for when I need to ease off a bit. Today was a prime example - stiff neck, tight shoulders and pain in the base of my skull. All in all I needed a lie down for half an hour and it was better. I also find that my neck will give an almighty 'click' then everything is ok. What worries me is that some of these mimic the symptoms I had when my SAH was happening so it can be difficult not to freak out. Due to see consultant in August (fingers crossed) so will mention it to him. Take care of yourselves. Gaynor
  6. Hi everyone Can't believe what's happened this week. I had a long standing appointment to see my consultant on 26th March 2013, which would be the first time I've seen or spoken to anyone from the hospital since my discharge last July. Have just had a letter to say that my appointment has been cancelled and re-scheduled for 13th AUGUST. It will be one year, one month and 3 days since my SAH by that point. I could cry, not because I feel unwell but I have a lot of questions that I would like to discuss with my consultant. This thread started by me asking 'am I not that bad?'. I feel th
  7. Haven't been on here for a while. Things were going well and, hey, it was all back to normal. I was practically euphoric a week ago but how things have changed. I'm in the middle of feeling incredibly anxious and have cried for no reason twice today alone. Oh, experiencing sensations in my head and arms again just to add to the fun. Perhaps it's because I'm on the countdown to seeing my consultant for the first time since my SAH last July. I've also gone back to wanting an answer. I'm no longer satisfied with 'it happened, it is unlikely to happen again'. I swear that one of the doc
  8. Thanks everyone for your words of wisdom and support. I've recently seen the Occ Health doctor who is recommending that my phased return take place over 8 weeks, rather than the 4 weeks allowed under the sickness policy. Fingers crossed that happens. I honestly now feel ready to go back to work but realise that I will be absolutely shattered for the first few weeks. Fingers crossed if all goes well I should start my phased return by the end of the month.
  9. I honestly haven't felt up to driving until very recently, some 4 months after my SAH. Unfortunately my consultant hasn't responded to DVLA's 2 requests for information on my situation so I can't drive anyway at the mo. My GP has recommended that I have a couple of goes on an industrial estate near us so that I can judge my confidence etc before going out onto the open road. Just got to find a brave soul to be in the car with me at the time!! Gaynor
  10. Hi Andy I think the scrap book is a great idea or even a brief log of how you feel/what's happened at the end of each day. I have large blank spaces that people do their best to fill me in on but they themselves get confused over what happened on what day so it's still not entirely clear to me the chain of events. I would also encourage your wife to keep a log if she feels up to it. My neurosurgeon was on the mark when he told me I would only appreciate what had happened to me when I got home. Away from the hospital ward when you don't have to do anything much at all, real life was scarey
  11. Hi Jus Sorry to hear that you have an ignorant workmate. I went out for lunch with some colleagues last week and most of them had 'googled' SAH so they had a pretty good understanding of what had happened and recovery. Saying that, one did say she was disappointed that my head wasn't shaved! Unfortunately my brain doesn't work quickly enough anymore to come up with a cutting response. Someone on here has the sign-off that goes something like 'bear with me, my head exploded' - I think they should make badges with that on it. I hope that the penny drops with your colleague soon enough. Ta
  12. Thanks everyone for your advice and article links. I'll let you know how I get on. Have a great weekend. Gaynor
  13. Hi Has anyone been told not to have your hair washed in the traditional way at the hairdressers i.e. sat in chair with your head tilted backwards over the sink? Someone has just told me that this has been linked to causing strokes! Is this just an old wives tale or is their any truth in it? The internet hasn't been that forthcoming with info on this matter. Any advice is appreciated. Gaynor
  14. Hello everyone, Firstly, thank goodness that I found this site. I had a non-anni SAH on 10th July, which wasn't diagnosed on my first hospital admission but was eventually diagnosed on 16th July. I stayed in hospital until 25th July and have nothing but praise for the doctors and nurses who helped me during my second admission. My neurologist doesn't want to see me until February 2013 - I know that I should see this as a positive but does this mean that I'm not that bad/ill? I worry that I shouldn't feel as bad as I do given that mine was not the most severe episode that I could have had.
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