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  1. Thank you Clare for your encouragement 😊 I love hearing that you're back to running. I recognize I jumped the gun, but knowing I can get back to it at all is so helpful and gives me hope
  2. I tried a 10 minute walk yesterday (10 days after the SAH, 5 days out of the ICU.) My doctor said I was fine to start walking- I think he was wrong. It went fine at the time, but I was basically ruined for the 24 hours immediately thereafter. It is so encouraging to hear people getting back to it (even if it takes time.) I had been training for a marathon and I was supposed to run it 4 days ago. I got the SAH 1 week before my race. I was/ am so devastated. It really helps seeing that I'll be able to run again someday.
  3. I was just sent home after a week in the ICU after a NASAH. Initially doctors thought it was an aneurysm, but multiple CT scans, an MRI and an Angiogram all showed no evidence of an aneurysm. I was lucky because my bleed was "small." All of the blood has already been reabsorbed. I feel pretty good but I have a sore neck, headaches, and generally I'm just tired. I think what I'm struggling with the most is just accepting this happened at all. It feels so surreal. I was supposed to run a marathon 8 days after my SAH happened. I'm pretty dang healthy, no alcohol, no smoking, low BP, etc. Does anyone else have a hard time knowing how to feel about this? It's a big deal but I'm ok... I'm ok but it's a big deal... It's been messing with my mind. It's nice to see a forum. I love seeing some people talking about exercise again. How do you trust your body to be strong again after something like this?? I look forward to hearing more from you all Karissa
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