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  1. A quick update on my post about undiagnosed SAH. Finally, I found a doctor who explained what happened to me. It turned out that my MRI examinations were poorly described and the radiologist did not find any damage to the brain tissue caused by the blood pressure surge. After looking at the test, you could tell I had something called pres syndrome. He also referred me to an MRI scan with a higher magnetic field to exclude bleeding. I am much calmer that I finally found something and that God listened to my prayers. I would like to thank you again for all the kind words and advice. I will let you know after the tests if I have not had bleeding.
  2. Thank you. I feel like the doctors didn't care about my symptoms. Recently I found a private clinic where they perform lumbar puncture. I am afraid that after such a time the examination will not show anything and it costs a fortune, I do not know if I can even cope with my salary. I also read that small aneurysm may not be detected by CTA and MRA, I don't know if it's true and if any of you can confirm it, I read that it's best to do DSA but here's the problem again, they don't do it privately anywhere and it's almost impossible to do if the MRA and CTA showed no suspicions because I have already asked many neurologists and neither want to order this test. I don't know what to do anymore, I feel so weak physically and mentally. I am 21 years old, I was active in society earlier, I had a girlfriend, and now I hardly speak to anyone, sometimes the pain is unbearable. At work, everyone jokes that this is just a headache, I will be fine, but they do not realize how intent this pain is, as if I had a nail in the middle of my head on the right side. I don't know if anything will ever change. Faith in God will keep me, but the psyche is not on my side. I started to pray very hard, it gives me a little peace. My parents support me, but when I have bad days with my leg and headaches and neck aches, as soon as I mention that it is not from the psyche, but something bad is happening in my brain, they start telling me to stop winding up, that I would not survive so long without diagnosis etc etc.
  3. Hello. I would like to thank you very much for all the answers. The headache has been bothering me lately. I called one of the best neurologists in Warsaw. He told me that a subarachnoid hemorrhage was almost impossible in my case because I didn't have an aneurysm. But I've read about something like NASAH, and that's where the next questions and worries come in. Recently, the squeaking in my ear has intensified and it feels like something is ticking in my head, like splashing water (mainly when I go down stairs or jump). I am also terribly concerned about these meat smells and some products smell and taste rotten to me. I've been really thinking about suicide lately, but your kind words and support are helping me a lot. I am so grateful for the help I have received from all of you. All the time I wonder if I will ever feel even 1% better, I am slowly losing hope. Every day at work has been a torment for me lately, I fear that my exertion will cause bleeding again if I have not been diagnosed before.
  4. Thank you, i visited a lot of neurologist and neurosurgeons and they said the same thing all over again „you are to young to have SAH”. I know its hard to imagine but in my country doctors treats patients like item not like human. And i know what SAH is because my grandfather died at the age of 45 because of subarchanoid aneurysm. But still im glad that someone care about my health, even if never met. Thank you soo much for that.
  5. Omg im speechless, this is my first time on this kind of forum and i really appreciate all of your answers. All of those answers made me feel better. I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.
  6. Thank you very much. I already made a call to one of the best psychiatrists in my city and I have an appointment. I hope it will help with my mental problems.
  7. Hello thank you for your reply, sorry to hear that, but im also Christian and my faith is also strong. I have suicidal thoughts since my symptoms started, i think that my faith in God is keeping me alive. I really want to know what happened to me one year ago. The fact that im still undiagonsed is killing me inside, i would be happier if my neurologist would say something more than 'you are to young to have SAH” or other stupid excuses.
  8. Hi Eruditedk Thank you for your reply. I have family but they dont belive me, they say that im mentaly ill. I have a job (physical one) and my symptoms bothering me in work but i dont want lose this job because its a well paid job. So i can go to neurologist privately. But they think that there is no way that i have sah. Im struggling a lot because i dont believe them how they can know that i dont have a sah in the past when no one want to check my lumbar fluid, it really hard to do lumbar puncture privately in my country (Poland) because they only do this kind of tests in hospital and as i said there is no chance for me to do lumbar puncture here.
  9. Hello, I am 21 years old and I have lost my will to live. I have a very low pressure of 100/60 and lower. A year ago, after heavy stress, my blood pressure jumped to 200/160 and 200 heart rate. It started with dizziness, after a week I had the worst headache of my life. Later there was numbness in the face and leg, neck pain and squeaking in the ear all on the right side of the body. Consciousness was also disturbed. After 2 weeks, I called for an ambulance. They did not take me to the hospital because they found it to be due to stress (in my country the quality of health care is very low). I was so tired in the 3rd week until I did a CT of the head. The results were good but I read that SAH is no longer visible after 3 weeks. So I went to the hospital where I was refused a spinal cord check. I went to the neurologist who ordered the MRI and MRA of the head angio. The research showed nothing wrong. I'm fed up with this life lately, headaches have intensified again and the numbness of the squeaking in my ear is 24/7 throughout this year. My taste has changed too and I feel strange smells. I was lying in the neurological ward where they found nothing again and they didn't take my spinal cord fluid. I am asking for help. Is my life still in danger when I perform so many tests? Im sory for any mistakes i made but I'm not a native speaker
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