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  1. Hi, I had my fall almost 4 weeks ago. I am told that I shouldn't go to work until at least 9/1. I have used all my vacation to be able to keep getting a paycheck but that is about to run out. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to go back, yet we can't afford me missing any more work. Is there any disability type help available? I work in a vet clinic as a tech, and I know if I go back I'll over do it. My next scan is 9/14. Any suggestions for me??? Thank you~
  2. Hi my name is Sue, and I'm a 54 yr old vet tech from MN. I developed an SAEH on 4/22/21, after falling down a flight of 15 steps. My husband found me after approx 10-15 after, bleeding profusely from the back of my head. I was in ICU for 3 days, and then in a regular room for 1 night and was sent home. I have been excused from work until Sept 1st. I spend most of my day in my recliner, with a heating pad on my lower back. i was also told I had a displaced L3 with a transverse fracture. I am tired all the time, I take lots of mini naps through the day. I have 2-3 mild headaches a day with occasional dizziness if I move my head too fast. I'm glad I found this forum, as its answered alot of questions. I have my next scan Sept 14.
  3. Hi, I"m a 54 yr old vet tech from Minnesota. On July 22, 2021, i fell down the basement stairs. My husband found me about 10-15 min at the bottom, bleeding profusely from the back of my head. Took me to the ER, i had a large wound on the back of my head, which the ER declined to suture because it was too mushy. They did a CT scan of my head and back, found out I had a subarachnoid brain bleed, plus my L3 lumbar vertebrae was displaced with a transverse fracture. I was in ICU for 3 days, where they monitored the bleed, sutured my head, and I came home on the 25th. I am still currently excused from my work, and have just been trying to heal at home. I'm still very sore, body wise, especially my lower back. I'm having 2-3 mild headaches per day. and I have a few dizzy spells in there too. I'm on the antiseizure meds and tylenol. My husband notices occasional slurring in my speech, not all the time but occasionally. I am tired all the time. My next scan isn't until 9/14. What my main question is, how do i know if i'm healing at the right pace, and am I doing the right thing by taking it easy?? I am also still weeping from my lump on my head, sutures haven't dissolved yet. Still very soft. Any suggestions or advise??
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