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  1. Haha - certainly. Well, I turned 43 while in the hospital. I’m a musician and I work a couple other jobs as well. I live on the East coast of the USA but I came home to my native St. Louis, MO after I was released. My immediate family is all in St. Louis and my mother really wanted me to come home for a while after I was finally released. I do have a bit of an update - they see a “tiny, tiny” aneurysmal-looking area on my scans from yesterday - the doctor said he would’ve not even thought anything of it had I not had this specific issue. Disappointing but I should be glad I’m being watched so closely. They also never got my last scans so maybe it’s kind of innocuous with that context? I don’t know.
  2. Hello - looks like an amazing community. As it says, I had an NASAH on 5/31 and called 911 when I felt a pain in my head that was so unusual that I was laughing about it. Fortunately, they eventually routed me to a hospital that’s further away but which has a neuro ICU, and very highly regarded at that. I was sedated via Propofol for 20 days, in part because I developed pneumonia from the ventilator. I had very odd dreams, and even a couple visual hallucinations that I considered dreams but apparently were after I was awake. I was given CT scans, an angiogram and MRIs. They were very pleased with my progress - apparently I was in rough shape when I arrived and I improved dramatically. Was sent to a rehab center on 6/26, took a bit longer than they wanted bc they were waiting for vacancy. They didn’t want me walking at all on my own and kept me in a wheelchair. It took a little while to regain my strength on my feet but I have. I’m taking it relatively easy except for walking a lot everyday. The headaches are basically gone now but I do get twinges that alarm me but it seems I should expect those for a while. Had a couple very strong ones that even woke me up the other night - I’m getting follow-up MRIs and MRAs over the next couple days though. Grateful to find this community!
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