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  1. I am in my early 30s. 11 days ago I was lifting weights and got hit with a thunderclap migraine and neck pain. I also got sick but tried to wait it out another 12 hours (I know...). Finally I decided I needed to go to the hospital. diagnosed with mild subarachnoid hemorrhage from CT. did angiogram, apparently it ended up giving me two "minor" strokes. mri performed days later no longer showed sign of hemorrhage. seemed to clear out quickly. However, I've noticed some odd issues. my tail bone was hurting a lot and I couldn't stretch my hamstrings even slightly without significant pain. possibly related, my right abdominal region is numb. the doctors shrugged this one off but the nurse thought it might be from the bleed leaking down my spinal cord and messing with nerves. or maybe being stuck in a hospital bed? Was discharged from the hospital after 5 days. Something I noticed once I started getting up and walking around was that my left ear had some tinnitis. also feels stuffy, congested, sometimes hurt. it has more or less worsened and I've lost a couple decibels of hearing. music sounds gurgly, muffled, and bad. this is especially disturbing to me because I work with audio for a living and permanent hearing loss is the worst possible outcome. Went to an ent and did a basic hearing test; diagnosed with "mild" hearing loss in the left ear. really seems more than mild to me. I got my ears cleaned, didn't change anything. I also have the typical residual headaches, fatigue, weird balance, and what not, but I'm not too worried about that. I assume those will subside. My questions for the people here: 1) anyone dealt with hearing loss? is all hope gone for my left ear? 2) anyone experience similar lower spinal pain mixed with numbness?
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