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  1. Thank you everyone. @CharlieD yes I was loading a large object into my car it felt as though somebody tapped on my forehead - then a great fizzing sensation in my neck. Although I didn’t expect it to be another bleed - but I new something wasn’t right so I went to the hospital. Since I last posted I’ve had some results back from cognitive testing although my intelligence remains in tact - all problem solving is very slow - if there are any distractions my ability to function goes way way down - and recollection of anything past 3 items is hard - mri done for micro bleeds but awaiting results
  2. It goes in your favour that your haven’t lost consciousness (did for me ) if a doctor deems you got to drive DVla will allow you to drive ( advice given to me anyway ) but all the bleeds are different so as somebody said ring DVla they are very good
  3. @CharlieD as both bleeds have been minor I’ve returned to a pretty normal life - the doctors are diagnosing seizures - I have started on kepra - must admit after 2nd bleed it’s bin hard to feel totally comfortable even as I write this has a bad week of mild headaches and stiff necks ( and I’m 2 years on ) which have been unusual - the rush sensation usually stems from my stomach but they do sound similar. Look up focal aware seizures on the net that’s what mine are identified as fingers crossed kepra sorts it - all mri scans and eeg scan were normal - neuro surgeon wants to do an in-depth mri scan now to see if I’m having micro bleeds - as would like an answer to why I’ve had 2 bleeds hope all goes well with you
  4. I had a bleed in 2012 - in 2016 I had a wierd rushing sensation and strange sensation in my legs and stomach - 2 weeks later I had another bleed - those rushing attacks became more frequent it was mentioned then that they may be a type of seizure - 2 years later although not as frequent a neurologist has diagnosed seizures and put me on kepra - my seizures are called vocal aware - I don’t lose consciousness and can speak/behave as normal throughout the minute or so event. Still under investigation
  5. I'm 6 years after my first bleed - 2 years after my 2nd. But 2 weeks before my 2nd bleed i had a strange attack a rushing sensation. Just being diagnosed (2 years on!!) that these attacks are more than likely a form of seizures. Just wondered if anyone else had any side effects like this after a bleed and how they coped. thanks
  6. I’m 2 years on from my 2nd bleed and have tinnitus now - mostly noticeable at night - I too get the whooshing sounds and the changes in sounds - it scares the hell out of me I’ll be honest - often the change in sounds sets off a sensation in my head and a rushing type senstation! Doctors have never properly diagnosed this some say it’s anxiety it has hard to deal with but it always goes away
  7. Woke in the morning after a night out before (not excessive drink but enough ) eating cereal and then all of a sudden felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. Rushed for the bed and got in foetal position - then every time I moved head throbbed like a cartoon generator - presumed it was a bad hangover. Couldn't move without getting electric shocks in my neck. Wife was concerned wanted me to go to a& e but I just said they would send me home. Managed to get up and about - went to kiss my daughter good night then got what felt like s whack across the front of my head and electric shock went to bed.. Next morning went to a & e - they did a ct scan but doctor said couldn't see anything and sent me home as he said you are mobile and can communicate etc. Got a phone call next morning to say another doctor had looked at scan and to go back to hospital. An angiogram the next day and released after a week.
  8. Hi - it takes time you are still very early days. 3 months and then evaluate yourself - I'm 9 months on from my 2nd bleed and for the best part I'm well recovered but still get wierd sensations - I can't overdo exercise - to be honest a day at work wipes me out - but 4 weeks after the bleed I thought I felt OK but when I look back I know I was ill - I feel like my brain turned to a block of ice, as its thawed out I can do tasks much easier and quicker. Hope all goes well for you.
  9. Hi Jennifer I had a nasah 4 years ago and the doctors said it was unlikely to happen again, that's it's extremely unlikely to happen again - I had more or less got my life back to normal did everything I wanted to do took the odd precaution regarding brain etc (mainly lifting excessively heavy things ) But 6th July last year I had another bleed similar place to - it has been a completely different experience this time - much longer off work - different in my head to recover from.- To put it into context though apparently I'm only the 2nd person in that hospitals history to have a 2nd bleed like I have had. Nasah is usually a 1 time event so believe that have faith in that - am I going to have another ......... Tomorrow is always a different day I'm comfortable ish - still get some sensations that I think ooh what's happening but still here and now back at work teaching. Hope all goes well for you.
  10. Hi hope all is going well with you - I've had 2 peremesephalic bleeds now - recovery after the first one I regularly used to get sensations like somebody was poking my brain - it massaging it. After this last one recovery seemed to be going extremely well but then I would get these attacks where my legs would go to jelly a pain in my arm then a sick feeling in my stomach then this intense rush right up my body through my head. These were happening 2 3 times a week. Then they just stopped - the neurologist had no explanation for them as MRI come back normal - psychologist had no explanation either - it's hard but keep plodding on
  11. After my SAH the pain was quite bad for 3 months or so - pain relief didn't remove all pain but dulled it - codeine didn't work - paracetamol unsure but ibuprofen did - and you can take ibuprofen and paracetamol together - after 3 months I went through periods where I had headaches with pain free periods the pain free periods increased in frequency. hope your brother makes good progress
  12. Ha yes the "where is my ... (Item) that you just had and now forgotten where it is " I do that lots - you mentioned on the phone - if I'm on the phone or talking to someone and there is a distraction or something else happening near me - I can't talk! I can't get the words out because I can't filter out background distractions. Thanks for the support!
  13. So I've posted a few times on here - it's great to see that other people get over many problems by the help of others. I had a SAH 4 years ago and recovered well - apart from poor memory (which as you all know people always say - that's just like me - it's because you are getting old !!! ) I got fit and healthy lost weight (2 stone ) and all was going well. The 6th July I had another bleed (felt the tingle in the neck ) I had a quick recovery in hospital - the angiogram they did was quite intense this time as they did a very detailed one due to the fact it was my 2nd bleed and people don't have 2nd bleeds. A week in hospital and when I left I felt OK - got home made good progress - then about 2 weeks after I suddenly got ( what I call episodes ) rushing sensations - pains in my neck and rushes and warm sensations all our my body and tinnitus ( which I suffered with before but is a lot more now) after I felt drained and unwell - I had a couple more episodes so went back to A&E where they scanned me again but negative result. The specialist nurse says its anxiety attacks - I get them almost every other day now. I don't know why some are extreme and some I get a warm glowing feeling - today has been a bad day and I have pain across my shoulders and have had feelings like I've been a bit out of it - I try to get on with things as best I can but today - sofa day! I find it hard as I feel ok and want to do stuff but then I get reminded that I'm not well enough to do all I want to do. I enjoy cycling - gave it a go but all my muscles and neck pain made me re think. I'm doing well and getting there and have been referred to psychologist to see if we can sort out the anxiety. Good luck to you all, just thought I'd share a few experiences.
  14. I've had 2 angiograms now - both awake with no sedatives. The entry site is numbed with local anaesthetic - bit of a strange pushing sensation ss they get the catheter in. No pain whilst they are in doing their thing in your head. The 2nd time as the contrast dye went in the sensation was different a hot/warm feeling, but it was over in seconds - for me the 4 hour bed rest is the worst - but I think the acknowledgement of what has just been done to you keeps you still and calm.
  15. Hi there and well done for coming on here and telling us how you feel - it really helped me reading what other people have gone through and made me realise that what i experienced others did too. i'm just short 2 months away from my 1 year anniversary!!! - i DJ (as well as a teacher) and had been doing so the night before my SAH -went to bed at 4.30am woke at about 10.30 (being a dad i'm not used to lie in's anymore !!!) anyways spoke to a friend who was out with me as he had drunk quite a lot - myself had being drinking but wasn't excessively drunk (i was working!!) anyways spoke fine to him for half an hour got myself some cereal sat down had 3 mouthfuls and felt incredibly sick - to the point i had to go upstairs and take the foetal (check spelling ???) position otherwise i would have passed out - i dont remember a thunderclap headache or how long it was before the headache came on - just that i did have a really bad headache - to the point where if i moved my head throbbed like electricity - my wife asked me if i was ok and i just joked said it was the cornflakes hitting the alcohol - i believed i had a hangover!!! about 2 hours later my wife asked if i was coming with them to a party for my daughter i got up and forced my self to get dressed (still believing hangover) made it to the top of the stairs but then had to lie down before i threw up/passed out. I took some ibuprofen and managed to eat a little that evening, by this time my neck was stiffening. It was only that night that i thought things were more serious as i went to kiss my daughter night night - i bent down to kiss her and then it was just like someone had mega electrocuted me on my forehead!!! i cried out and clutched my head - my wife at that point said - hospital!!! and i said no - but did say that i would go and see the school nurse the next day to discuss migraines!! Anyways little sleep that night and in the am got up showered and downstairs but again felt sick and the need to collapse!!!So i went to A&E. They did a CT scan and kept me in all day one doctor showing concern and going down the SAH route and then the doctors changed - at about 4pm the 2nd doctor said as i hadn't lost consciousness and the pain was in the front of my head and i could speak to every one coherently - it was a stress headache and sent me home! So it being diagnosed as stress and the male in me kicking in took all my pain meds and made tea and lived a normal evening (sorting my daughter out for bed etc - much to wifes objections but it was just a headache and i'd been drinking at the weekend so in my eyes had to get on with it) Tuesday morning rang in work still didnt feel up to work - like you foggy dis orientated just wasnt with it - dont think i've ever felt so lame ringing in work saying i wasnt coming in because i had a headache!!! About 10 mins later the phone rang with a blocked number - which i presumed was work saying " what you playing at?? its a headache " i nearly ignored it but.....it was the hospital - my ct scan had been reviewed could i return to hospital where i was told that they had spotted the area where i had bled - CT scan with die that day - then an angiogram the next day - was told that the bleed had heeled itself and that it was just recovery now - i was discharged on the fri The whole process and for a month was a bit surreal like i was watching a film - people fussing and telling me what i should do - which i understand - wife telling me off for doing jobs at home!! My advice to you is do what you feel like doing - your body will tell you if its too much - obviously following guidelines from your doctor like not bending down - that was the major one for me i struggled to fasten shoe laces for ages. but i did do vacuming - i used to walk into town (10 min walk) i chopped the day up get up shower brekky - watch tv for half an hour an hour - do 10 -15 mins activity then rest but i did do cooking housework etc it kept me occupied and i felt like i was doing enough to do my share and put back in. I returned to work 6 weeks after my SAH - everyone was like its too soon but the sick notes had expired and i felt able - school gave me a week phased return (which was completely inadequate but they had never dealt with anything like this before) - work was hard headaches returned i was tired very quick and spent nights coming home going to bed - i was doing my job but it didnt register - by the end of january - i went back to my doctors crying!!! i felt like i was in car with no doors going down an alley - i was going in the right direction but had no control how i was getting there. Doctor prescribed a further 4 weeks off work and this time work referred me to occupational health - and this time i had a 6 week phased return to work which helped - i nearly went on the sick again 4 weeks later when i was struggling to get all my exam work completed and procesed! but managed to see it through Main side affects - severe back pain for about 2 weeks after - headaches and really bad memory - which has got better - i've done silly things like put my clothes in the bin instead of clothes basket - left the lid off the kettle and boiled 2 dry - and i'm still a bit forgetful - i put a chalk board up in our house with tasks to do and use my iphone for reminders. Noise - certain noise just bugged me!! usually crowds or kids playing just really went through me and couldnt hack it had to get away - which being a teacher didnt help but classroom noise was different to crowds -also i could dj and listen to music as this was organised noise but certain pitch just annoyed me stiff neck - still cant look over my shoulder for more than 5 seconds without feeling a bit weird and recently with the warm weather when i was hot and bothered it felt like somebody was poking my brain!! Having to multi task organisation processsing too much made me ill - i was head of my department at work but i found i just couldn't do the job and it was not helping me recover - so i stepped down to become just a teacher which helped - but like you i've had a significant reduction in income due to this and i'm now struggling - somebody mentioned about checking my life insurance that i may be eligible for a pay out - but i never followed that through - didnt want them to change my premium - I never had a problem driving my car (apart from looking over my shoulder) and the doctor gave me permission to drive again after 6 weeks - although it was nearly 7 months before dvla re issued my license. Talk to your doctor about what benefits you may be able to receive or your council / citizens advice - they may be able to help - but take comfort in the knowledge you are still alive!!! - it's only when i read other people's events that i realise that yes i survived what could have and does kill/seriously life change most people and that helps me its a long road and in my case i feel nearly 12 months on that i am about recovered - my only life changes i have made is - i dont smoke anymore (not that i smoked lots before more social whilst out ) and i'm trying to get my fitness and weight somewhere where they should be. Best of luck - (wow have i just written all that - hope it doesn't bore you!!!)
  16. hi I think the biggy for friends and family is that they can not see you healing - to use the term "the lights on" I think is fitting - there are no obvious injuries (unless you have had clipping) and they just see the same face that they have done - that also upset my wife as I would be doing jobs around the house and she would get upset telling me not to do it "just because you look alright doesn't mean you are" she used to say - i'm 9 months post now and only suffer when I get stressed or tired - i'm a teacher so that is up and down lol - the thing is you know what you are capable of and just let your friends know (I still get called for light drinking when we go out - but my SAH happended after a night out and hangover headaches are just mental now - so I just take it easy! but i'm told I just use it as ann excuse - and now its a point of joke with them) take care
  17. ha i'm glad other people do silly things with their clothes too - but when you tell people about such things they just say oh i'm dizzy like that too!!!! they don't get it - I put all my clothes in the bin one night! instead of the laundry basket!!!!
  18. Hi Teechur another teacher here - you were kind enough to write on my post - i know how you feel - i was almost to the point of going back on sick leave recently - i felt overwhelmed with the work (which i was!!!) i felt ill, tired and angry - my head hurt and i couldn't turn my head. When i turned to Senior staff for help - i was made to feel like i was milking my situation - what kept me going was the fact that if i did go on sick leave it would have without a doubt meant that most of my pupils would have failed - not my fault you could say but it still feels that way - fortunately with my hard work and perseverance my pupils have now passed their coursework and i just have an exam to get them through but 70% are now on target - I know for a fact because of my efforts and pupils are meeting targets - next years targets will be raised and i have already raised concerns with them that what happened made me ill!!! and that i still need support!!! - i rested for a week (holidays - yay ) - the hardest part for me about our illness is that on the outside there seems to be nothing wrong - but on the inside a different story and its that bit that bosses dont see or understand the other thing is I'm trying to get fit and into shape - i went out on my bike and have done a couple of small bike rides (15km or so ) which is an hours ride but now I'm just so tired i don't want to go out on it - so I'm at viscous circle point want to get fit (high cholesterol ) but exercise makes me tired ..... and i'm at 8 month mark since my hemorrhage... but my wife is very supportive - so if you have a partner have a rant and get it off your chest - and just do small steps - school for you is at wind down set that goal for yourself - its hard but it will come to an end shortly (very rewarding meeting little goals - its achievement!!!) and as for next year make the plans but scale them back a little - dont set yourself up to fail - i know its hard - i stepped down from running our dept as i know it just fries my head - which has been a financial blow but.......i'm happier because i can cope with what i have and i am achieving which does help your frame of mind!!! chin up and plod along - hope things improve for your soon
  19. Thanks for all your replies - it sounds like its pretty common - To the teacher - i teach high school as well design technology - I've really struggled through this moderation period. Its been quite intense and seeing as i have had 11 weeks off in what is only 25 week year for my y11's and only a 2 week extension - it has been a real rough ride and lots of extra hours to help get them finished and like you say i do feel responsible even though its all beyond my control. i did go to the doctor about it and as i though it was a waste of time - they just told me its stress - because i have headaches i'm clenching my neck up causing muscular tension - i did explain that i f ithought it was that i wouldn't have wasted either of our time - but hey ho thank fully it has eased i'm still getting some discomfort in the neck area and sometimes struggle to turn my head fully - but.....this is to be expected recovering from whats happened - i'm not a whinger/whiner and this felt different to muscular pain - but .....life has to go on thanks to you all for your support and best of luck to you all
  20. its so re assuring to come on here and look at the questions that other people pose - to realise that "you are not on your own!" i had my NASAH last Sept and made good progress went back to work in November as a teacher - by January i was back off on the sick - couldn't handle the stress! - ha anyways i'm back full time again - and at a particularly stressful time of year where i'm moderating GCSE work I struggle to move my neck around - it feels stiff yet i have good movement - looking over my shoulder hurts my head and when i look forward i feel a little dizzy disorientated - it also feels like i'm over doing it or if iw ere to make a sudden head movement i would break or pop something just wandered if anybody else suffered like this - looking over my shoulder has always been an issue presumed it would get better but if anything has gotten worse recently
  21. Thank you for taking the time to reply everyone - I guess it's a common thing then! I will contact my nurse in the morning as its quiet severe - but the re assurance from you all is great thanks - I'll keep you posted
  22. Just wandering if any one else suffers this. I had my sah last sun. during my time in hospital I wasn't mobile that much but on odd occasion when I got the head pulses I felt a twinge at the bottom of my back. now I have returned home when I get the head pulses I'm getting quite severe twinges at the bottom of my back - anyone else experience this or is it something I should be discussing with a doc?
  23. I've just come out of hospital with my sah was in tue to fri but should really have been mon but the hospital sent me home on mon said it was stress! Ha Anyways the hardest part in hospital for me was ringing my mum up to tell her what was happening! I could just feel the silence at the other end of the phone .... It was then I realised how serious the situation was for me and I won't forget that for a long time..... Hope your recovery is going well...
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