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    I am a neurosurgical nurse and have a big interest in say and what is available to patients on discharge
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    Walking, cooking, socialising
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  1. Alot of interesting feedback here. Has given me lots to consider. Please keep posting if you think of anything else that would have been useful
  2. Karen I understand your point. You are years down the line so what do you wish you had known? I am also aware that it would be much more than three, but wanted to keep things simple. I don't mind how many there are!
  3. On behalf of the NHS I am so sorry you had a terrible experience, these are exactly the things I am trying to prevent, I firmly believe this new role would make a huge difference
  4. That's a great point. So to everyone who has kindly posted, what are the top three things you wish your nurse had told you before you left hospital?
  5. Wow, thanks so much for all the responses. Has anyone had a really good experience as a result of a nurse Specialist?
  6. Hi Louise Thanks for sharing with me. This is exactly what tends to happen. Ward nurses are so busy it really is difficult to get the time. A lot of written information does seem to be totally inappropriate, I am currently trying to rewrite ours. I hope you have found all the information now.?
  7. Hi. Sandi Thanks for your speedy reply. SO did you personally feel prepared for discharged? Did any nurse ever go through how you may feel and comman questions with you?
  8. Hi all Ok I am here to gather information about SAH patients experiences with how well they felt supported in hospital and on discharge. I am a neurosurgical nurse with a particular interest in SAH. I feel you guys get a bit of a rough deal with no dedicated nurse to advise you etc. So I am trying to put together a case for the trust I work in to create such a post. I am very interested in hearing about everyone's discharge experiences, good and bad. In particular if you have had access to a Speicalist nurse, how did this make a difference? Really looking forward to your responses Cheers Amy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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