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  1. Thanks for the responses. Water aerobics sounds like a good idea and worth trying. We have a venue not far from us. Pre SAH Sandy had a fighting weight of around 68kgs. In rehab she started off at about 45kg but that has about doubled now. So you can appreciate my concern!! Will let you know how we get on. Convincing her to go may be the hard part. Strong-willed woman; always has been!!
  2. Hi Guys I know this site is not here for medical advice but I was wondering whether any members have suffered significant weight gain since recovering from an SAH. My dear wife is stacking on thekilos at the minute and I'm concerned as to how this will affect her future. Because she also has cholesterol problems I make sure she eats the right food, by and large, but she eats a lot and cannot exercise well due to her mobility problems. Anyone else had a similar experience? Would love to hear from anyone who has overcome such a situation. She shrugs off the weight gain but it worries
  3. Thanks for all that. Guess we can only warn and suggest. Know our daughter is keen to get checked out, understandable given her young family. As for our son, well I reckon he thinks he's indestructible. But then that's a male thing, isn't it!! Cheers all.
  4. Hi guys Since my wife Sandy's SAH my mind is forever on our two adult offspring. Sandy's father had similar problems when in his forties. I am therefore always thinking about whether our kids are likely to suffer brain trauma as well in the future. Both are now in their mid-thirties and our daughter has a young family. Our son drinks and smokes heavily which wouldn't help at all. Is it possible to get a "routine" MRI done every year or two? Very expensive in this country! What advice have members of BTG given their kids? Surely the genetic factor can't be ignored? I would hate for s
  5. My wife Sandy remembers absolutely nothing. She was watering the vegies after a shift at work and landed head first in the vegie patch. My son and I were watching cricket on TV. Luckily, he chose to go outside for a cigarette and found her. Couldn't have been more than five minutes after her collapse. Ambos arrived in 20 minutes and then to A and E 15 miles away. Can't often say this but on that day smoking actually saved a life!!
  6. I did read or hear that a big percentage of the population actually have aneurysms. Just that most don't burst and people just live with them in ignorance. Gosh Winb143, 13 months in la-la land. Your "Saviour" must be one hell of a fella!! Why the delay with the shunt I wonder. It was the shunt that helped bring Sandy around, I'msure. And the negativity of a number of so-called professionals. One loud, doom and gloom doctor, who ought to have known better, gave a very poor prediction on my wife's future. In the early days but in Sandy's presence. We had "words" about his pessimism. Co-inc
  7. Thanks for the friendly welcome. I am pleased that improvement continues, even as the years elapse. From time to time I think Sandy may have "plateau-ed". She was a fit, hard-working person and even now talks about returning to the workforce in the future. Being on a disability pension does not sit well with her!! We discovered after the SAH that her Dad had similar problems when in his 40's. That, plus the fact she was a smoker, may have made her a prime candidate for what happened. Anyone else have the genetic/smoking factor(s)?
  8. Greetings from Perth in Western Australia. My wife suffered a Grade 5 Subarachnoid Hemorrhage on 13 January 2012 (yes, it was a Friday!) I've shown her this website but she's not quite up to sharing her personal experiences just yet. Sandy was in intensive care for three weeks and didn't really "come to" until about mid-March. Nursing staff and I had one hell of a task trying to convince her of the date. She was adamant it was February and thought we must have been conspiring against her! She underwent coiling, the insertion of a shunt, a tracheotomy, and a Percutaneous endosco
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