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  1. Hey thanks for the replies , They've used radiation to seal up the AVM over 5 years, but they couldn't do anything about the bleed. As for how I feel in myself I feel cheated and it's all really coming around that these are problems that I'll have for the rest of my life. I know that I can work around them if I work hard enough, but I think the worst part is I have a lot of resentment, and there isn't anyone to blame, it's just crappy luck, Same for me, my concentration is hard, even when I'm writing this I have trouble focusing on what I'm doing. My memory is a problem as well, which frust
  2. Hey everyone, So on 02/03/2012 I had a brain haemorrhage due to an AVM in brain (which I had no idea about). It was too deep inside my brain to operate on without causing some serious damage, so later I discovered they could do gamma knife surgery so the veins will swell up over 2-5 years. I was in the second year of university at the time and I've repeated it since with my marks intact. Now exams are coming up and I'm not sure if I'm ready. But it's been a whole year since it happened so I don't know if I'm being lazy/a wuss or I still can't go back. Also the problem is that even if I repe
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