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    just turned 58 living on my own, 2 adult children and 1 12 year old granddaughter
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    north east coast
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    Gardening, theatre, choir, reading
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    Exams Administrator
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    16th January
  1. I'm sorry if you thought I was advocating withholding information from the DVLA, I didn't mean to and I know everyone's situation is different. It's just in my case, although I have a bit of periphery double vision, the doctors have always said I didn't need any treatment for it and was fit to drive. But when I ticked the box on the DVLA form to say I suffered from double vision they treated it as a new condition and wanted information about treatment, which held up my application for a long time even though my doctors wrote to them to say I was fit to drive. Obviously if someone does have more severe double vision that needs treatment, then it needs to be declared. Sorry for any misunderstanding. Liz
  2. Hi Mandy I too had been left with some double vision but it has improved in the 2 years since my SAH and is now just periphery. It took me an extra 8 months to get my licence back, when I was perfectly capable of driving at 6 months afterwards. Things will get better over time, just try and be patient. Liz
  3. I don't know what I was so worried about, the MRI scan was over and done with in 10 minutes! I'd just settled down, started thinking about nice things and deep breathing and it was finished, the hospital had got a new, faster scanner. It took longer to be x-rayed before and afterwards because I've got a programmable shunt and the settings had to be checked, though the radiographers had only seen my type of shunt in a text book and weren't sure what to look for! Anyway, all Ok, just have to worry about the colonoscopy tomorrow now
  4. Thanks for the thoughts, I know it will be fine but I seem to be more anxious about everything than I was before the bleed, which by the way Ponigirl was 15th January as well. So Happy Anni-versary to us!
  5. Hi, Does anyone have any relaxation techniques to use while having an MRI scan? I've got my 2 year check up on Monday and I know I'm going to be anxious because they're not very nice are they? I can't even have a cup of tea afterwards as I've got a colonoscopy the following day and I'll be on the diet Thanks Liz
  6. Thanks for those words of wisdom Daff, when I'm feeling 'normal' like now I think I'm making a fuss about nothing and when I try to explain it to my brother he says it's not a side effect of the SAH, just getting older and lots of people suffer from anxiety for no reason. I think he thinks I've recovered and that's it, over and done with. I also find it difficult talking to people because I've got nothing to say, I don't seem to get ideas or thoughts in my head like I used to. My mind is just blank most of the time, though I did have an idea at work the other day and went round shouting 'I've had an idea' making everyone laugh, but they don't realise it was the first time since the bleed and something to celebrate as it showed things were improving, but those moments are very few and far between. There's also the shopping problem, though it must be saving me money! I can't spend long in the shops now because my brain gets a 'full up' feeling, I suppose my eyes are seeing too much for the brain to process comfortably, but watching television and going to the cinema is fine, odd isn't it? Liz
  7. Hi Everyone It's been a while since I last posted anything although I look in regularly and as I agree with almost everything people say, can't think of anything else to say. My SAH was 23 months ago, so coming up to the big 2 year mark and I thought I was getting steadily better, but every so often I'm affected by real anxiety, low self confidence and depression. I also find it difficult when out in shops and just out walking as I get an overwhelming strained feeling behind my eyes as if it's all too much for my brain to process, but as soon as I get in the car or go indoors (home or work)everything's fine. I try to go and out and meet new people but when I do I panic and want to go home, I don't find it easy talking to people. When I came out of hospital I had very good support from the Stroke Association who came to visit me regularly for about 6 months, I think the hospital organised it, I've been thinking about getting in touch with them again. When these periods of anxiety and depression pass then I don't feel I need to get help from anyone and when I'm in the middle of one of these periods I don't think anyone can help, so it's Catch 22. Anyway, that's all for now and probably another 6 months! I'm glad the Forum exists anyway, it's been very helpful for me even if I can't always think of something to say. Liz
  8. It seems our path of recovery lulls us into a false sense of security, we feel 'back to normal' so carry on doing things as if nothing has happened. I was feeling great for a couple of months then had 10 days of dizziness and generally unwell. I'm going to have to train myself to recognise these periods so it won't be so scary knowing it will pass with more rest. By the way, where are the photos of the barbecue last weekend? I can't find them. Liz
  9. Hi Everyone I think I've come up against that wall as well, though not as bad as Desy, but it's very scary. I'd been doing really well (SAH in Jan. and shunt in Feb.) been away on holiday and back to work, doing a lot of walking and feeling great then Wham! since Sunday I've been really dizzy especially later in the day, doctor said blood pressure was OK but I'm going for a blood test tomorrow to see if I'm anaemic but from what I read on here it's more likely to be my brain telling me to take it easy. Work have been very good and said to go back to half days for now, but it's really knocked me back when everything was going so well. Do we have to accept that this sort of thing's going to happen every so often? Best wishes to all. Liz
  10. Thanks Juliette Can you still judge distance with just one eye? It's a five hour round trip to the hospital by public transport and I was only in with the consultant for 10 minutes! he's going to get me an assessment with the eye department which I feel I need as I'm sure the glasses I've got are not right for me now. I'll just have to be patient for a bit longer I suppose. Liz
  11. Thanks for the info, gives me a bit more hope. Going to see my consultant on Monday so will see what he can suggest. Liz
  12. Hi Everyone I noticed in one of the threads someone said that bus passes were available for people who had to send in their driving licence, does anyone know how to get one? My six months period of not driving is nearly up (due to shunt), but much as I can't wait to start driving again I've still got a bit of double vision when I'm outside so wouldn't feel safe. I'm back at work now, just a couple of hours a day but have to go by bus which is getting a bit expensive although not enough to make a weekly pass worthwhile. I also thought I'd seen someone say they drove with an eye patch on, my vision is better when I close one eye but I didn't think DVLA would let you do this? Any ideas? Thanks. Liz
  13. Hi Everyone Haven't posted for a while but look in most days to see what's happening. My SAH was in January and I have just started back to work today (in the local college). It's a phased return so just 2 hours three days a week to start with and I managed OK but had a sort of 'spaced out' feeling as if I wasn't really connected to things, especially when people were talking to me. I had a very frustrating time when I went for my first MRI appt. the other week, it took hours to get to the hospital by train and buses and they didn't even do it! No-one had told the department I needed an X-ray afterwards to check my shunt settings (even though I had phoned to check up beforehand and was told they had all the information) and as it was a 5.15pm appointment it was too late to do it. By the way, how do you put the emoticons in a message? Liz
  14. Thanks Penny and Daffodil, it does sound a bit scary but I suppose it will be alright. I phoned the hospital to ask them what type of shunt I've got but they haven't got back to me yet, so as always this site has come up trumps. I think all the advice and information is brilliant. Liz
  15. Hi All, Thanks for those thoughts. I'm having my 6 months check MRI in June and the question form the hospital sent asks if I have a programmable shunt, I remember the doctor saying it could be adjusted with magnets from the outside, does that mean it's programmable does anyone know?
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