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  1. Hi everyone, It has been awhile but I've been on a ride that is hard to explain. Hit my seven yr mark this year in April and that is a big accomplishment. However, I started having dizzy spells and one day I felt like either a neuron finally found its mate, in my brain, or some electrical current shorted. It was not painful but did give me a sensation of twirling quickly and then stopped. Scared me to death but I knew it was not a bleed because there was no pain. But, I was like, "what was that?" Head was heavy and hurt and kept feeling dizzy. Went t
  2. Hi, i am six years out and get those headaches. Mine are predominantly on my left side and in my eyes. It's frustrating. And, mine come in waves too. I keep wondering when the brain will decide it doesn't need that pain any more. I still get the heavy head and vice grip feeling which I do not like. Winter is coming and so are the headaches. Not sure why other than lots of pressure systems. I just deal with it now but can be exhausting at times. I stay active and that helps but there are those days I just want to shut my eyes. iola.
  3. Hi, I am a little late responding but I know all too well about the pan in the neck and terrifying feeling I was going to be paralyzed. The headache was, as we all know, ungodly excruciating. My pain after six years still starts in my eyes. They always feel strained. I notice when I am really tired I studder. So frustrating but I just tell people I have to start over. I still get my yearly MRI and still notice wierdness sometimes, like the other day I felt like I had water in my ears and it was like waves just moving back and forth in my head. Don't remember ha
  4. Hello all, I am over the six year hump and sliding to 10 years. My five year was such a feeling of "finally" that I decided I'd turn over a new leaf with a new attitude and that lasted for five minutes or maybe five days, I can't remember!! Last winter was rainy, cold, and work was so stressful and the headaches were terrible. It's a wierd headache. Pain? Yes. But, something more than that. A feeling like my head is in a fishbowl with a vice wrapped around it. I had a few dizzy spells and I don't freak out like I used to but I do feel my body getting very hot. Ma
  5. Hi, I did have the same as you but without EVD. Was in hospital for two weeks and then home and terrified. Give yourself time. However, I did the same as you and went back to work too early. I had terrible headaches but was so afraid if I did not use my brain it would forget to know things, or turn off because it thought it did not need it. What I failed to realize is my brain needed to relax too. Time to rest. After five years I am still trying to balance. Slow and steady wins this race! iola
  6. Hi, I am over five years and get it when I'm really tired. I still get wierdness from time to time too. It's a thing some of us live with. Iola
  7. Hi, I did all sorts of stupid things after mine. One day, about two or three months after, I decided it would be a good idea to go outside in the heat and pull weeds. Well, after I knelt down to pull the second weed I toppled over and passed out. Yep, not smart. I tried to walk up and down stairs when my depth perception was inactive at the time. We think easy is still easy. Oh, and I also built a sandcastle for my daughter and that put me in bed for a couple of days after with an excruciating headache. Make an apt to see you Dr. Sometimes it's the only thing
  8. Hi, Mine was five years ago and like you I was hardcore everything. Maybe that's what led up to my bleed but my neuro surgeon told me most likely had a weakened vein since birth. I did go back to see my dr six months later cause I wanted answers. He did tell me that I was a different person and it would take a year or more to feel better and it was true. I still have headaches and some days I just have to lay down. It's hard at times but it is what it is now and I push forward always. You will too. I worked in my yard today and will get on my computer
  9. Hi, Unfortunately, no one that has not had a brain injury can understand how you feel. It's impossible and I'm finally in a place where I don't expect others to understand. It's such a long hard haul and even after five years I have more days than not heavy headed and feeling weird. I never go a day without the awareness of my brain. I miss not worrying about my health and getting up and just living my day without that knowing. But, I move forward. I do joke about it at work now but it took a long time before I could. When I do something stupid I tell them I can't
  10. Headaches will come and go. I've tried it all. Can you go to your GP? He may be able to give you a prescription for something more effective. I could not take blood thinners for forever but I did find Tylenol migraine that helped but honestly a Coke with caffeine did the trick sometimes too. Your brain is telling you to slow down. It's not ready for all that stimulation. Hope all is well. iola
  11. Hi, I think most of us suffer from some type of depression after a brain injury. My bleed was five years ago and I still struggle with headaches and head heaviness. It's not fair and life is not fair and we have to learn to make sense of it and deal with it as much as it pains us. Pun intended ?. I cry some times when I go through my headache cycles. I cry and miss the old me but get over the crying and press forward to another day. Yep, it is difficult at times, but, for me, I must. Hope your headache cycle doe
  12. Hi, I had a NASAH five years ago and still have headaches. They were worse in the beginning but I still wake up with one almost daily. I've noticed if I get up and get moving it helps me tremendously. But, I go through cycles where I feel wierd for a couple weeks. The other day I was in a meeting and out of nowhere I had an incredible dizzy spell like someone poured water inside my brain. Very much unnerved me. I hate it but I knew it was not a bleed. It scared me though. My eyes hurt all of the time but I've learned to live with it. It is what it is. What
  13. Hi, Ah yes, I know this. I go through it every day and I just tell folks I have brain damage. My boss laughs and says I cannot use that as an excuse anymore and I tell him I earned it and will. You have to find the humor beneath the pain and pry it out. I work in finance and numbers are my job. I hate numbers. So, when I am tired and my brain starts to shut down I mess up something fierce. Do I feel stupid? Yes, I do but it is what it is and I work hard to figure it out and it takes me forever sometimes. You are not stupid, it just might take you a bit longer.
  14. Hi, I just hit five years and it took five years to feel safe again. I still have "my days" but the constant fear is now gone. It's a bitty fear. ? You learn to manage it and go on. My first two years were the worst as people that know me on here can attest. You will come to know your body again and not feel that sense of doom when you get a dizzy spell or instant headache. Ah, yes, I know it well. Keep focused on the th future, it's there for you. iola
  15. Hi, I've read very similar stories like yours on this site and amazed they did not find anything the first three go rounds and the miracle that you survived. I went back to work far too soon so please try to slow down. The world does not see how you feel. iola
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