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  1. Hi everyone, It has been awhile but I've been on a ride that is hard to explain. Hit my seven yr mark this year in April and that is a big accomplishment. However, I started having dizzy spells and one day I felt like either a neuron finally found its mate, in my brain, or some electrical current shorted. It was not painful but did give me a sensation of twirling quickly and then stopped. Scared me to death but I knew it was not a bleed because there was no pain. But, I was like, "what was that?" Head was heavy and hurt and kept feeling dizzy. Went to dr and had a MRI and all clear. Then I realized a few things, I was taking an abundance of vitamins, my stress level was high because of a new project I said I'd work, and my daughter has had some health issues we need to combat, not to mention she is almost 15 and sassy. I stopped taking the majority of the vitamins and started feeling better. Now, my job. I have complained throughout the years I need to stop working and I need to push away from stress but something always brings me back to my work. With the last two months, I held on tight to my job because of the unfortunate folks that have lost theirs and my heart goes out to them. The other is this sense of independence I feel when I work. I cannot say I love it but it's what I know and maybe that's the problem. As for my daughter, she is my heart and worry about her future. I just read in an article about a woman that had a SAH and she feels it is due to stress and lack of sleep. It's scary to think what stress can do to the body. It tortures the body and brain. So, I went to see a neuro psychologist and had one session with him and now cannot seem to reach him again so I guess I am seven years too late talking about what happened. So, that's done. So so here I am talking to you because, well, it makes me feel better so thank you for listening. ☺️ iola.
  2. Hi, i am six years out and get those headaches. Mine are predominantly on my left side and in my eyes. It's frustrating. And, mine come in waves too. I keep wondering when the brain will decide it doesn't need that pain any more. I still get the heavy head and vice grip feeling which I do not like. Winter is coming and so are the headaches. Not sure why other than lots of pressure systems. I just deal with it now but can be exhausting at times. I stay active and that helps but there are those days I just want to shut my eyes. iola.
  3. Hi, I am a little late responding but I know all too well about the pan in the neck and terrifying feeling I was going to be paralyzed. The headache was, as we all know, ungodly excruciating. My pain after six years still starts in my eyes. They always feel strained. I notice when I am really tired I studder. So frustrating but I just tell people I have to start over. I still get my yearly MRI and still notice wierdness sometimes, like the other day I felt like I had water in my ears and it was like waves just moving back and forth in my head. Don't remember having that before. Does not scare me like it used to. I deal with with the head heaviness and go on with my day. Hope yours is better. iola
  4. Hello all, I am over the six year hump and sliding to 10 years. My five year was such a feeling of "finally" that I decided I'd turn over a new leaf with a new attitude and that lasted for five minutes or maybe five days, I can't remember!! Last winter was rainy, cold, and work was so stressful and the headaches were terrible. It's a wierd headache. Pain? Yes. But, something more than that. A feeling like my head is in a fishbowl with a vice wrapped around it. I had a few dizzy spells and I don't freak out like I used to but I do feel my body getting very hot. Maybe a hot flash as I am 53 now. Good grief. I think it's too little sleep and too much stress and I do know when my body says enough, although, I choose to ignore it sometimes. I am trying to make changes and I am going part-time soon. Really! After a life changing experience we all want to get back to normal and that just does not happen. I'm tired. Tired of headaches, tired of not getting on rides at parks, tired of always feeling weird, tired of the corporate bs, tired of trying to be as fast as I used to be, and tired of trying so hard. I love my team but do not care for the power players and I wonder why I even try? I've always been a helper but I do not seem to be helping myself. I think I'm at a crossroads and it is so hard to let go of what you worked so hard to get back to only to find you don't like it there anymore. I'm rambling. I dunno, just thinking out loud this evening. Thanks for listening. "i"
  5. Hi, I did have the same as you but without EVD. Was in hospital for two weeks and then home and terrified. Give yourself time. However, I did the same as you and went back to work too early. I had terrible headaches but was so afraid if I did not use my brain it would forget to know things, or turn off because it thought it did not need it. What I failed to realize is my brain needed to relax too. Time to rest. After five years I am still trying to balance. Slow and steady wins this race! iola
  6. Hi, I am over five years and get it when I'm really tired. I still get wierdness from time to time too. It's a thing some of us live with. Iola
  7. Hi, I did all sorts of stupid things after mine. One day, about two or three months after, I decided it would be a good idea to go outside in the heat and pull weeds. Well, after I knelt down to pull the second weed I toppled over and passed out. Yep, not smart. I tried to walk up and down stairs when my depth perception was inactive at the time. We think easy is still easy. Oh, and I also built a sandcastle for my daughter and that put me in bed for a couple of days after with an excruciating headache. Make an apt to see you Dr. Sometimes it's the only thing to help you feel secure in your recovery. iola
  8. Hi, Mine was five years ago and like you I was hardcore everything. Maybe that's what led up to my bleed but my neuro surgeon told me most likely had a weakened vein since birth. I did go back to see my dr six months later cause I wanted answers. He did tell me that I was a different person and it would take a year or more to feel better and it was true. I still have headaches and some days I just have to lay down. It's hard at times but it is what it is now and I push forward always. You will too. I worked in my yard today and will get on my computer this evening to check work emails. Just finished homework with my daughter. I hate 8th grade homework. And, I'll start over again tomorrow. Thank god for tomorrow, it will all get done tomorrow.? iola.
  9. Hi, I just hit five years and it took five years to feel safe again. I still have "my days" but the constant fear is now gone. It's a bitty fear. ? You learn to manage it and go on. My first two years were the worst as people that know me on here can attest. You will come to know your body again and not feel that sense of doom when you get a dizzy spell or instant headache. Ah, yes, I know it well. Keep focused on the th future, it's there for you. iola
  10. Always love reading your input. Thank you kind sir.
  11. Good grief, I'm in St. Mary's County. Not far from you. Fellow Marylander.
  12. All, Tomorrow, April 9th, will be five glorious years since my brain pop. Just kidding about the "glorious". My birthday is April 7th (every year!!) and as happy as I am to be alive and celebrate it, the two days after feels so much more compelling and powerful. It happened to me and I can say it did. I feel I can breathe quietly and calmly ( two words that typically do not describe me) because it has taken five years to feel "safe" again. In the beginning I simply wanted to feel better. My goal was three months, then six months, then one year, then two, etc... You get the gist. I push forward and now at five years I will look for another five years and push forward. I will always have goals. It helps. I will not say I'm glad this happened and I am 100%. No, no, no, I've come to terms that I will NEVER be the same person and that's okay. I wrestled, I fought, I cried, I threw temper tantrums, and quite frankly it just make my head hurt worse. Some things in life you must do alone, even with others around. Struggle and achievement. I struggled for a long time trying to maintain an image of who I once was and should be but it is exhausting. It has been difficult, it has been challenging, but through it all I found that I'm pretty darn resilient. My momma made me that way. I am not as afraid as I once was. Yes, I still have headaches, dizziness, and weirdness in my brain but I have learned to manage it and I go on. That is the hard truth, we must go on and persevere. We all must face what we must face with that strength you did not know resided within. Mix that in a bowl with faith and hope and you have created a very powerful force to be the person you need to be. Thank you all for your strength and encouragement these past five years. It is now my turn to help the "newbies" see there is a new day approaching. iola
  13. Hi, I read your initial entry and it was like reading my own. I get really dizzy when I'm tired, have not eaten all day, or stressed. Excercise tends to kick in the endorphins and I feel good when doing physical activity. Only thing is I feel like crud after. I never feel 100% anymore. I accept that but it really stinks. I've learned a lot too but what a way to get an education! I am a bit over four years from mine and I wish a lot of things but lucky I can still do what I do.. Iola
  14. Um, I still have meltdowns and I'm 4.5 years post brain pop. It's so frustrating knowing what you could do and now what your brain says you cannot do, right now. You look in the mirror and maybe you see the same face and body and that's what everyone else sees. So, look a little deeper and then look again. This truly life changing, pretty awful, event did happen to you. Yes, it did and there is nothing you can do about it other than let your brain heal. I have tried everything. Walking, yoga, Botox (although it was nice they also put it where my two wrinkles are between my eyes!), acupuncture, those terrible shots in the back of your head, chiropractor, blah, blah, blah. None of it worked. Thought it did in the beginning but there are just those times when nothing helps and you just deal. Unsatisfactory, but there it is at least for me. I just keep pushing forward. There is no miracle cure I am aware. Don't worry about your meltdowns, it's okay to meltdown some times. ? iola
  15. Hi, When I was down I tried so hard to get back to my place. I went back to work too soon, I started walking too soon, and I had incredible fatigue, dizzy spells , and headaches. Take your time. You are not a sloth, your brain is hurt and it does not heal like a broken arm. People cannot see inside your brain so do not pay attention to those that think they know more than you because they don't. Only you feel what you feel. iola
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