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    Run a recruitment consultancy, married to Andrew, have 2 chinese crested dogs and 2 cats, currently holding off on the holidays while we do up our house and go through the training to be foster parents. Also just started another business with a couple of friends office brokering.
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    Company Director, Running a small but adequate recruitment consultancy.

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  1. Hi Louise, I am a little worried about Headway as I seem very normal, I am not like extreamly brain damaged, also I worry that social services are treating me for more than I need but they are kind od pushing stuff, nothing bad, and maybe I am just not accepting how I am. Thanks again for your reply.
  2. Hello again, I have pills for depression and anxiety and to control my urine also on pills and patches for pain, also ones that numb the nerves, nothing else apart from stuff for constipation. Headway will be able to help as the person running west kent is an ex neuro nurse. I now have an appointment there next wednesday and neuro starts 30th and independant living assistant will be here soon for 3-6 weeks. My doctor is being excellent. thanks again
  3. Kris, It is so reassuring it is not just me, i was just hearing people out side, there was, next doors window cleaners I had to check (with a knife) I am so scared and the doctor knows everything, he is helping with mental health assesment and all sorts, medication. thanks for responding karl
  4. I will ask for a re-scan, I hear people outside trying to break in, it scares me but then I know it is my head, It is sad I am not alone, I would not wish this on anyone but re-assuring. Thank you
  5. I am in the UK and my doctor is very aware, I asked to be sectioned and he talked me out of it and instead is helping with medication until I see the mental health team. I am getting lots of support I just want to ensure this can be normal and I am not having an issue due to the fusing of the skull being a few mm lower than my skull. ty
  6. I am having mental health, and neuro all this month and support from social services also. ty
  7. Thanks, Have the bead mouth also, am drinking lots, have alot of pain walking, about 10 steps and I stop (not sure of distances) I get very paranoid when alone like now I am sure someone is circleing the bungalow and wants to get me, how stupid is that, lol ty
  8. I am on 20 pills in the morning, lol and a fentynl patch 50 mcg so yes, but the pain still fights through. I had CAB fill out my DLA forms but still heard nothing.
  9. Yes I am referred to the mental health team and a neuropsychologist I am also having an independant living assistant for 3-6 weeks and possibly attending headway once or twice a week.
  10. Please go easy, this is my first post, might be in the wrong section, sorry if it is, might offend some, sorry if it does, no intention to, just need some help, I am wanting to know how other people with SAH Haemorrhage are suffering, I want to know if what is happening to me is normal. Mobility Issues (starting to get worse) Leg Pains Left hand shakes a lot Body Convulsions Depression Headaches General pain Hearing Stuff Seeing Stuff Smelling Stuff Throwing Drinks over myself(or food) Incontinence at times (Urinaly) through not being able to get there on time I spoke to my doctor about him sectioning me, he said the fact that I asked about it shows I do not need sectioning. But I can not cook, taking care of peronal care can take in excess of an hour, I can not work, I can not walk my dogs, everyone wants me to give up smoking (a contributing factor rather than the cause of my SAH) but how can I with all this going on. I have really bad thoughts, but I would never act on them I feel it is a selfish thing to do (just my opinion, please do not judge me on this). My doctor has been great and it seems now like help is starting to trickle through, just had our first financial problem, think we have 2 more months before our lives fall apart in that way. Had my SAH aged 34 on the 1st of feb, 1 week in intensive care, 4 weeks in a ward, I was walking around, my only issue was pain, now look at the list. Yesterday, I was walking on frogs (seeing stuff) Smelling toffee apples, my dog I kept thinking was dying, I kept letting my cat in but it kept getting back outside, no windows or doors open. I suppose I was hoping to hear about how other people have attached things to their SAH and not feel like I am going nuts, even though I sort of am, lol Cheers to those that can help me.
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