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  1. Well almost 3 months to the day from when I sent the first notification of my haemorrhage to DVLA they have finally advised I satisfy the medical standards for safe driving. Now my car battery is flat so just need to get that fixed and I'll be sorted. Can't wait to get my life back. Thank you all for your support during this difficult and very long wait
  2. OK, DVLA have finally received a reply from my consultant and it's now down to DVLA to make a decision. The DVLA have now told me if I don't hear anything in 4 weeks to call them back. Hoping it won't take that long. JimmyC, I am reluctant to drive until I have DVLA approval as I will have to tell my car insurance company I am driving without it. My guess is they are likely to tell me I am either not insured or they will add an extra premium because I am driving without DVLA approval. If the insurance company then decides to add an extra premium I can then argue that it is DVLA who decide if I am safe to drive and not the insurance company. I already pay enough in car insurance
  3. Thank you all for your replies and good advice. I now know I am not alone. Since my original post I received a letter from DVLA advising they have sent a reminder to my consultant. I will call his secretary again tomorrow to find out if there has been any progress. Once again, thank you all for responding at a time when I just needed someone to listen
  4. I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage on the 18th March 2013. No known cause was found for my haemorrhage and I know from the DVLA medical guidance I can return to driving when I feel well enough. I sent my medical form to DVLA on 2 May 2013 and DVLA wrote to my consultant on 18 May 2013. My consultant has still not filled in the form and returned it to DVLA. I am expected to return to work next week and my 10-15 min car journey will turn into a 40 min bus journey. Surely it is better for my health to be able to return to driving sooner rather than later. I feel well enough to drive but I am currenlty very tearful because my independance has been taken away from me and the thought of returning to work without being able to drive is upsetting me more than anything else. I keep calling my consultant's secretary who says she will chase him up but the form is still sitting on his desk. I just want to get my life back but it is so difficult without being able to drive. I am very upset Tracey
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