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  1. Sally, to be honest, Dr Google is not your best friend. The answers are not specific to you and cover a very wide range. Tempting as it may be to consult Dr Google, don't. Wait until you have a face to face consultation.
  2. Keep pushing the admin team to keep it foremost in their minds. I took them about 6 weeks to get me an appointment. Another ploy could be for you to contact PALS at your treating hospital, they will chase it up for you and are successful.
  3. There should be someone at your GP's who deals with appointments. Ring them again and ask for them to chase it up. I had a similar problem and the person at the GP's who deals with the above told the department that she was putting it all on my notes and hey presto, I got an appointment for the following week. You will have to keep pushing.
  4. Welcome to BTG Matt75. Don't know about the lack of sleep but for the headaches it is advisable to keep well hydrated ie drink lots of water. It really does help. It is very early days in your partner's recovery as recovery times can go on for months or even years depending on the individual and severity of the bleeds. Rest is important so to take naps when fatigue occurs is imperative regardless of the time of day, do not try to fight it.
  5. So very true. Congratulation for your Ruby wedding anniversary. Enjoy your holiday and any celebrations planned.
  6. Sarah, it could be the changes in your neuro team that has precipitated that conclusion. Doctors often have differing opinions as what is the best treatment. Possibly the new team are being cautious. As others have said, do not make any decision until you have discussed the results of the angiogram with them.
  7. That is a very good positive attitude to have. There is no point in looking back so enjoy the future to the best of your ability.
  8. Ben, just a word of warning before you try to get travel insurance. You must get the all clear to fly from either your neurosurgeon or your doctor. I really do not want to put a dampener on your future plans but I suspect travel insurance at such an early stage in your recovery will be extortionate or not available. A good reason why insurance should be taken out as soon as a trip is booked. That way you would be able to claim the costs in the case of an unpredicted event. I travel about 5 times a year and an annual insurance for Europe only including The Canaries costs me almost £500 and that is 15 years after the event. I really hope that your trip will be able to go ahead as you are obviously looking forward to it.
  9. I would say everything you have stated could be true but it must be a proven fact if DVLA say that there is a risk of seizure for 6 months. This is something you can't challenge. To get specific answers you need to contact your doctor, neurosurgeon or nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated.
  10. Welcome to BTG Charming, I love your forum name Fatigue is a common leftover from a SAH, you have to try and pace yourself. Also, to be back at work after a month is possibly a little too early. Did you have a phased return which could probably have helped you to overcome the fatigue a little. As for the headaches it is advisable to keep well hydrated as that really helps. Do you drink plenty of water? Have a look round the site and read other members experience s of recovery. Nobody's recovery is the same but you will find information that you can relate to. You are doing well as in many instances recovery from an assault on the brain can take months or even years.
  11. Could be teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but get your GP to check your blood pressure as it could be related to the headaches and nose bleeds and nothing at all to do with your SAH. Always worth checking BP. In fact a competent GP should do that as a matter of course with the symptoms you are getting..
  12. Congratulations on 14 years and thank you for having the foresight to create this site, that must have been very difficult for you in the throes of your early recovery. I, for one, have found the support and information invaluable
  13. What wonderful news. I can only ditto what others have said.
  14. What a wonderful tribute to an amazing person. It brought tears to my eyes. May Cassandra now rest in peace.
  15. Paracetamol is a painkiller available here in the UK. We are not medically qualified so unable to give medical advice. You are in the very early days of recovery, that recovery can take months or even years in some cases. If you keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water it will help the headaches.
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