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  1. Welcome back, hope you find lots of information to support you.
  2. I had a cardiac angiogram done through my radial artery in 2013, so not that recent.
  3. So sorry, I don't think that we can help you with that as we are a UK site. Do you have any benefit advisors? They are the people to ask or do you have insurance?
  4. It is common practice now to use either the groin or wrist for any type of angiogram.
  5. Welcome to BTG. We can't give medical advice as none of us are qualified to do so. Any concerns you have seek advice from a medical professional. That would be the correct way to go regarding the weeping from the lump and the weeping sutures. Healing after a SAH is a very long slow process in most cases but of course everyone is different. There is no right pace. Taking it easy is the correct thing to do, baby steps only or you could find yourself going backwards. Tiredness is common afterwards, you need to nap as required. Listen to your body. You may well need more time off work than you think, there is no magic recovery. It is not like a broken leg, fixed and back to work. It is advised that when you return to work do it on a slow phased return. To help with the headaches make sure that you keep well hydrated, lots of drinks, preferably caffeine free.
  6. So pleased you are actually getting somewhere with a possible diagnosis. The not knowing is dreadful. Hope the new MRI gives you some answers and pleased you feel much calmer. Panic and worry always seems to make things appear worse.
  7. Whether or not this will work or not I don't know. In the UK we have a charity called The Samaritans who are on the other end of the phone to give you support for those thoughts. I have taken this off Google so please try to use the numbers provided for The Samaritans. " Freephone number to call from Poland is: 800 012 274. No matter what someone's reason for calling is, Samaritans offers a space to explore how they are feeling, in their own time and their own way."
  8. Welcome to BTG, I'm sure you will have realised that we can't give medical advice as we are not medically qualified but we can give you lots of support. Recovery is not like having a broken limb, pot comes off and the fracture has repaired. It can take months or even, in extreme cases, years. You may look okay but your brain has had a serious assault and needs time to heal. You may even find that you end up with a different life. The key to recovery is to take baby steps, if you don't you may well find yourself taking backward steps. Rest and nap when you need to, listen to your body. To help alleviate any headaches drink plenty of fluid. As for retaining information, use props like sticky notes or have a notebook and write everything down. Do you have anyone to help you look after your son? If you have ask for help with him, even if it is only for a couple of hours a day. You will not be neglecting him by asking for that help. Have a read through the forums and you will glean lots of information from other member's experiences but bear in mind that a SAH does not run to hard fast rules, everyone is different.
  9. Daniel, I hope you have kept a copy of the form. You need to keep copies of everything you send to DWP, things get lost easily or they deny knowledge of ever receiving it. Do you think you meet the criteria for PIP? From DWP site "have had difficulties with daily living or getting around (or both) for 3 months expect these difficulties to continue for at least 9 months"
  10. On a further note, keep copies of everything you send to DWP, including "fit notes" They are notorious for things going astray. Any phone call you make to them log the date, time and who you speak to. Sounds a faff but you may need it as evidence if things go awry. If you need to ring them the best time is just as they open or you could be hanging on listening to Vivaldi (if they still use that) for goodness knows how long. I have heard of waits for well over an hour.
  11. Sorry, not always the case, some parts are means tested and income based, they will take your partner's income into consideration. They only ignore a small amount of it and the rest is deducted from what you are entitled to. If you get contribution based you will get the whole amount you are entitled to for 52 weeks Universal Credit is not the same as PIP. UC is support if you are unable to work. PIP is a tax free payment to help with the costs of care you may need, the 1st component. The 2nd component, mobility, is to help you with costs of getting around. I'm afraid you really do need to have mobility problems and things like finding your way about amongst other criteria to get the mobility component. If you have claimed Universal Credit then ignore my earlier reference to ESA. If you fail any assessments, don't just sit back and think that is that. Apply for a Mandatory Reconsideration which is done by a different Decision Maker, they often fail. Then you can take your case to an Independent Tribunal. As I have said previously, you would be wise to get help from a professional to guide you through the minefield.
  12. Daniel, the benefits system is a minefield and even trained advisors sometimes have problems understanding it. More about ESA https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-allowance/what-youll-get As you are unable to work you should get contribution based ESA because your National Insurance contributions will have been paid for the 2 years previous to make you eligible. There are two groups of ESA, limited capability to work and unable to work. Benefits and Work is another decent website although to get full advice there is a subscription but you can garner information without being a member. https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ Another place you could try is a Law Centre if you have one locally, again free advice and they could possibly help you fill in the forms. DWP decision makers look for key words so there is a knack to filling in DWP forms. If you have already claimed ESA you should be on an assessment rate until you have a face to face assessment or a phone assessment to determine what group of ESA you are put into. The advice I will give you is at your assessment, face to face or phone, think very carefully before answering the questions. There is a tendency to understate one's problems, you must be brutally honest even though you may find it demeaning. Please get advice on what you can or can't claim by contacting an adviser, you may well be losing money at the moment. Do not contact DWP for that advice as the phone jockeys are poorly trained and often give out wrong information. If you fail ESA assessment then you will be told to claim Job Seekers Allowance in which you have to actively look for work. Of course there is now Universal Credit too, this replaces ESA and Jobseekers but only in certain areas at the moment. At one time I used to be quite up on benefits advice but things have changed over the years and as I no longer need that advice haven't kept up with current situations. It is a minefield now.
  13. I would strongly advise getting professional help filling in the PIP tome. Look for benefit advisors in your area, your County Council may well have some. Try to avoid CAB as they are not usually very good. Remember, PIP, is about your ability to carry out certain functions. There is a website on which there is a chap who, although not a trained advisor, who really knows his stuff. https://youreable.livingmadeeasy.org.uk/forum.php I presume you have already claimed ESA.
  14. What super news. Happy and safe motoring. The icing on the cake will be the arrival of your little one.
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