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  1. Super Mario

    12 Hour shifts

    Just watching a screen is mentally tiring as much as physical work is physically tiring. It is your brain that has taken this assault. By breaks, I mean being able to go to a quiet area with no stimulation at all, not just sitting in front of a screen, to recharge your batteries. I do appreciate that it may not be possible but what about asking your employers and back it up with a letter of recommendation explaining your problems from your occupational therapist. As another thought, are you in a union? If so they may well be able to help negotiate some terms with your employer on your behalf.
  2. Super Mario

    12 Hour shifts

    Is there any way that you could take frequent breaks during those long shifts? Employers are supposed to make reasonable adjustments and to me that would seem a reasonable adjustment. It is so very sad that you may well have to adjust your lifestyle so you can take a lower paid job. Possibly cut back on housing costs by moving to somewhere cheaper. Obviously we don't know your financial position and we certainly aren't going to intrude on that. Please do not take offence as none is intended, just trying to think of something that may help. At the end of the day your health comes first.
  3. Super Mario

    15 Years Tomorrow 4th February

    Thank you all. On the very same day a friend of mine was in theatre for a mastectomy due to cancer. She is still well. There is no comparison as to living with the permanent fear of the big C returning in any shape or form. Apart from that she has an incurable liver disease that will need a transplant in the future. To my way of thinking, I am the fortunate one.
  4. It is15 years tomorrow since my life was changed. In fact it is so long ago now I tend to forget the date of the event, I have to look it up. So far back, the date has almost disappeared from my memory. Looking on the positive, my life has changed for the better once I recovered the best I could. No point in looking at the negatives, you can't change what has happened. Grasp what you have with both hands and move forward the best you can under the circumstances. May take ages just to make a little progress but determination will help. There is a future after SAH, maybe not the future that was planned but a different future. In my case I feel that my life now is much better than I envisaged pre SAH
  5. Hi Neil, so sorry to hear about the deficits Cassandra has been left with following the surgery. This is just a suggestion, it may be possible for her to use the computer using voice activated software. There are some on the market and I think Microsoft has one. It may help to stop her feeling isolated. If she used to like reading there is the option of talking books. All things that could be investigated.
  6. Super Mario

    Clive - Four and a bit years on...

    Clive, a warm welcome to BTG. Your experiences and how you have coped will be a help to others in the same or similar situation. Pop into the Green Room if you like and join in the banter or let off steam. Anything goes in there within reason. Just a tip though, bring your earplugs, our Win sings.
  7. Super Mario

    Dental work

    My advice is, that if you are unsure about that treatment, to contact the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital where you were treated for their opinion. Failing that speak to your GP and dentist.
  8. Super Mario


    Sue, have you heard of the Access to Work scheme run by the DWP https://www.gov.uk/access-to-work You could apply and alleviate your gruelling journeys. It seems to me that you would be eligible for the help.
  9. Super Mario

    Driving after NASAH

    I'm afraid the DVLA rules are to be adhered to. My advice is to contact DVLA for clarification.
  10. Super Mario

    Out of the Blue

    Welcome to BTG. I have not had a tremor problem but coordination is not very good. Possibly someone may come along who has. As for the reaction you had to the angiogram it should be down in your notes and they should give you something to alleviate another one. Make sure you bring the fact of your reaction to their attention when you go for the next one, just in case it has not been noted. Meanwhile listen to your body and make sure you keep well hydrated, it really does help with the healing.
  11. Super Mario

    SAH, 14 years on.

    I, too, have been accused of being drunk. Initially it made me angry but now I just laugh at the comments and say "I wish"
  12. Super Mario

    Amyloid angiopathy

    Vicky, to be honest I don't remember anyone on this forum being diagnosed with it although I could be wrong. It would really help, possibly someone in the future, if you could post anything you find out about it from the neurologist but not medical advice. Wishing you well with your forthcoming appointments.
  13. Super Mario

    Amyloid angiopathy

    10 minute appointments here with GPs too. The hospital appointments are a different kettle of fish, no time limit on them.
  14. Super Mario

    Amyloid angiopathy

    Welcome to BTG Vicky. Another idea is to contact the neuro nurse specialist at your treating hospital if they have one. They will be able to explain more fully and be able to possibly put your mind at rest. Give them a ring.
  15. Super Mario


    Use something like Tiny Pics to resize and copy and paste their link for Forums. We cannot comment on the test results as we have no medical or ophthalmic training and so it would be unethical to even attempt it.