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  1. What a wonderful tribute to an amazing person. It brought tears to my eyes. May Cassandra now rest in peace.
  2. Paracetamol is a painkiller available here in the UK. We are not medically qualified so unable to give medical advice. You are in the very early days of recovery, that recovery can take months or even years in some cases. If you keep well hydrated by drinking plenty of water it will help the headaches.
  3. Welcome to BTG. I would suggest that you visit your doctor with your concerns or even contact the neuro nurse specialist at the hospital where you were treated. As we are not medically qualified we cannot give any medical advice. Would be helpful to others in the same or similar situation if you came back and reported the outcome.
  4. I would get it checked out if I were you. There are things, for example, iritis that can cause those symptoms, I only know about that as I get it. It may well be nothing at all to do with your SAH.
  5. Is there a nurse specialist at the hospital you were treated at. They will be in a much better position to advise you about when to fly than your GP. GP's very often have little experience of SAH, sometimes never having had a patient who has had one.
  6. I first flew 12 months after my SAH but that was after taking advice from the doctors. Everyone's circumstances are different therefore you must get medical advice. As a side note you will have to declare it for travel insurance purposes.
  7. I would presume that this diet is only available through doctors. Is that correct? Anyone interested in trying it or any other diet MUST take medical advice before making any moves.
  8. Sarah, to the best of my knowledge the consultants only meet every month or so for discussions on patient care so the meeting that will discuss you diagnosis may well not have taken place yet, hence the reason for no more information at this point. You may well get more information and/or an appointment to see the neurologist/radiologist in the near future. As your medicine review is only 5 weeks away your GP may well be able to give you an update before you hear anything. Are you registered for online access to your medical records through your GP practice? I have found this useful as I am able to see my records including any letters from other parties.
  9. If I were you I would contact DVLA to clarify your position. After all those years of the previous regulations I wonder what has made them change the driving criteria.
  10. Welcome to BTG. To help with the headaches make sure you are drinking plenty of water to keep yourself well hydrated. It really does help. They should ease over time. As for driving, have you notified DVLA, it is a notifiable condition? It is up to them when you can drive again depending on any medical reports they may ask for. We do have members with stents fitted, someone will pick this thread up at some point. In the meantime take it very slowly, baby step or you will find yourself impeding your recovery. Recovery is individual to each survivor, there are no hard fast rules. As for your outlook on life changing, that is a positive thing. I think most survivors have changed their outlook on life, in my opinion, for the better.
  11. Actually, thinking about it, I knew something was niggling when I put Age Concern, they have changed their name to Age UK. You are amongst many who are definitely not fit to work but actually found fit to work. If you have to go to Tribunal, most do as the decision is rarely overturned at MR, go in person which gives a more positive result. Everything you send to DWP keep a copy and mark every sheet with your name and National Insurance number. Also, if you ring them make a note of who you speak to as well as date and time. As this thread has gone off topic, my fault, I will put no more but if I can help you further on this matter just message me.
  12. Coralann, go for a mandatory reconsideration and if needs be onto appeal. Please note that those requests have to be put in within 30 days from the date on the decision letter. Get help for your mandatory consideration and if needed appeal against the decision from a Welfare Rights Officer. You can find them by doing a search for your area. Try and avoid CAB if at all possible. Headway may have them or if you are over 55 Age Concern should be able to help. If there is any delay in getting outside help just ring them and tell them you want a mandatory consideration and that further evidence will follow which will give you time to find help
  13. Hi Julian, I wonder if your consumption of water has decreased over time as your headaches diminished to the point where you are not drinking enough. It is quite easy to become complacent. May be worth a try to increase your intake to see if that helps as well as visiting your doctor.
  14. Just watching a screen is mentally tiring as much as physical work is physically tiring. It is your brain that has taken this assault. By breaks, I mean being able to go to a quiet area with no stimulation at all, not just sitting in front of a screen, to recharge your batteries. I do appreciate that it may not be possible but what about asking your employers and back it up with a letter of recommendation explaining your problems from your occupational therapist. As another thought, are you in a union? If so they may well be able to help negotiate some terms with your employer on your behalf.
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