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  1. I suspect that there has been no research to link dementia to SAH so probably any answers you get off the medics will be speculation on their part. Worth querying any medical answers you do get to see how the conclusion was arrived at.
  2. I wasn't abandoned as such but was laughed at by my sister. She actually said " I'm glad it happened to you not me" Even though bridges have been partially mended over the years it still hurts a little and I will never forget her attitude. The worst thing was that the SAH left me disabled but life goes on and I make the most of it. Life is for living and enjoying which I do to the best of my ability. Yes it is a struggle at times but mainly when I set my mind to something I achieve it, maybe not perfectly as in the past but at least achieved. Knowing my limitations helps.
  3. Suzanne, how lovely to here from you again. Congratulations on number one. The first anniversary is always the worst. As time passes acceptance does get easier. Look on it as a celebration, you are here to tell the tale
  4. Hope it isn't signed by a doctor out of your sight. I think you will have to dig your heels in and insist you see a doctor before your procedure. In fact, had it been me, I would have refused to sign it until I had all the information. I am a bl00dy minded person.
  5. Why don't you ask before the angiogram. I presume you will have to sign a consent form before the procedure and that it will be explained before you sign. That could be the optimum time to ask. They are questions that you need answering first.
  6. According to Google it is another version of a visual field test Quote from Google "The Goldman is an old fashioned manually operated test often used for disability exams and sometimes for neuro-ophthalmology exams." This may be more helpful although it is from the States. Find Goldmann Visual Field / Kinetic Perimetry Tests (ophthalmologyweb.com)
  7. Louise, many congratulations on your 21 years. Your many achievements over those years are an inspiration to others.
  8. Sorry to hear about your husbands problems. Get an urgent referral via your GP to the incontinence clinic and they will provide pads free of charge. May be embarrassing but better than accidents' Secondly, get an assessment through Social Services Adult Care. They can provide aids to assist getting out of bed which may well help him. A physio assessment would be helpful too as they could teach him how to get out of bed. In fact you could have a go at that your self, telling him step by step what to do. May or may not work. Depression may well be
  9. It may well be coincidence. Did you have any general anaesthetics prior to your SAH? Did you get a headache then? Really you should ask the anaesthetist if the SAH has an effect on how an anaesthetic reacts to you as we cannot give medical advice. There could be many reasons for leaving you with a headache, for example, the type of anaesthetic used, your body changing over the years. I always used to vomit badly after one until I mentioned it and the type was changed. Not a problem now.
  10. Macca, congratulations on 10 years and also your 8th wedding anniversary. You have a long time to go before that licence runs out. Here's to the next decade. 🙌
  11. Sarah, the words are so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes.
  12. Headway has a branch in London. https://www.headway.org.uk/supporting-you/in-your-area/
  13. It is a legal requirement to inform DVLA regardless of what you may think. See the DVLA site https://www.gov.uk/brain-haemorrhage-and-driving Your insurance will be invalid if you haven't informed them of the SAH. Not worth the risk. Sorry to seem harsh but the law is the law.
  14. Hi Matthew, great replies above. Has the need for the naps been consistent since you SAH or has it diminished then come back with a vengeance? If it has reappeared more than what it had settled to then I suggest you get the need to nap more frequently than you did investigated. It is so easy to blame the SAH for everything that happens later and that is not always the case.
  15. I was told at my first clinic appointment after my SAH, that if I ever needed a MRI scan I needed to inform them of my shunt. Our local hospital can't reset shunts so for any MRI I have to go to a hospital that has a neuro dept and the facilities to check and reset my type of shunt. Initially, approx. 14 years ago, the procedure was to have a skull xray before the scan and then one afterwards to see if the setting had changed. The radiographer was very good and showed me the before and after films and yes it had moved. I then had to have it reset to the original setting which, at
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