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    elgin, NE Scotland
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    kickboxing, guitar, fiddle
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    support worker
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  1. jillianmclean25

    hey, im Jillian

    hey, i first got ill at work (when on sleepover, alone) very sore head, cant speak properly and couldlt feel right arm or leg. managed to phone help and my boyfriend picked me up and went to hospital. They kept me in for 5 days telling me i had viral infection. after 2 days could haldy speak and very dizzy, went to hospital again and was told i had ear infection, sent home. a couple of days later i couldnt speak or move, taken to hospital again. This time they gave me a scan relised what was wrong with me and i was taken to another hospital. From there they decided to put me to another hospital for surgery (which i cana remember) I came back to Aberdeen on xmas eve and was there until first week in jan. I then got put to a nero rehab unit to speach therapy and physio for 4 months. Now i still get phsio as my right side is almost ive had a stroke and speach threpay, and memory. I get very tired after doing things for a couple of hours, and speaching gets worse whan im tired. I am a support worker for aduts with learning difficuties and a hard job. I still dont feel well enough to go bad to work yet. alot of resposible work and memory might make someone in danger, plus moving and handling. due to not feeling hot or cold with hand and some days not being able to lift things. hopefully i will slowly get better and return to work before they pay me off!! (sorry about wrining im tired!!!)