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    Recently moved from London to Plymouth.
    Thank God for the amazing Ambulance crew, awesome A&E Dept at Derriford Hosputal and the fantastic staff of Moorgate Ward there!
    It was fate that it happened at work and 20 mins from Derriford.
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    Plymouth, Devon, UK.
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    Drawing, plants, gardening, cycling & swimming
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    Signalling Designer, Plympton
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  1. It' s been a while since the 22nd August when it happened....I did not need any obtrusive surgery Thank God. It is still a little uncomfortable bending over. ..feels like my brain is like a water filled balloon. Felt rotten recently with flu like symptoms. ...a weird electric taste in mouth with slightly numb lips and excessive saliva production. Called doctors and they said it was the classic signs of coming off codeine which I have mostly. Thanks so much guys for all your lovely words and support. I am still scared in case it happens again and am reluctant to go anywhere alone or away
  2. Hi I was so glad and surprised to find this forum. I had my event on 22nd August this year and have been home for two weeks. I have a feeling you guys will be so helpful in my days ahead as I am finding that it is not just the physical damage that we have to deal with but there is also the mental shock...especially when you discover how lucky you are to still be here! I have questions and I am hoping you guys can help!?
  3. I had my event on 22nd August this year and have been home for two weeks..or is it 3. Anyways..I have noticed a discomfort and a pressure in my head whenever I lower my head even slightly. Is this normal or should I be increasing my codeine dosage to the prescribed amount. I just wanted to try to reduce my intake of painkillers. Any advice? Thanks
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