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  1. Hiya Michelle, There's 2 things we have in common, the SAH and our birthdays . I had my SAH on the 5 Nov 08, mine, like yours, came out of the blue. I was home alone, my hubby had just gone to work on a 12hr night shift, luckily i didn't pass out and managed to phone him and get him to come home. I'm still sruggling with stuff, but i'm i hell of a lot better than i was, it's slow but sure. This is a cracking site and although i don't post a great deal i come on most days and have a trawl through, its really comforting to know you're not alone, and there are people who understand exactly what you have been and are going through. Best wishes Jan x
  2. Hiya again, Update on the hormone thing, just heard from the doc at Walton, the last blood test shows that apparently i am producing just enough of the hormone myself to warrant NOT having to go on any meds, as he says its a "double edged sword" at least i don't have to take meds but my chance of getting back to normal a bit a quicker has gone out the window, this ****** brain haem has got a lot to answer for, cos i definately didn't feel like this before. ( sorry for the moan ). I don't think there is any info on it yet as it's only a trial, i think there are 10 of us taking part and it's going over a year?, i have to go back in Nov and have the test done again, so i should think something will come to light about it at the begining of next year. I think it's going to be a bit longer before i'm wearing my knickers on the outside of my jeans, but hey ho All the best Jan xx
  3. Hiya Karen, It was my left middle cerebral artery which was affected and i'm 7 months down the recovery line. Iv'e found i can't walk for a long period of time without having to have a rest, if i don't have a rest i find my balance goes and i start to go off in all directions, also i can't put my head back to look up, this makes me dizzy, the same thing happens if i bend over to pick something up. My sight has been slightly affected, i'm getting an aura in my right eye and according to my optician my " tear film " is as dry as a bone, this explains why my eyes keep going red, to people who don't know me, it must look like iv'e been on a bender, red eyes and wobblin' all over the place Jan xx
  4. Hiya everyone, i'll keep this short, because the internet keeps knocking me off ( i've tried this about 1/2 dozen times ). I had a SAH on the 5th Nov 08 followed by a vasospasm and three TIA's and was readmitted in Feb 09 with a blood clot, I thought for one horrible moment it was another bleed!!!!!!!!. Out of the blue, 3 wks ago i received a letter from Walton Outpatients saying that the Walton Centre had referred me, it was for my Pituitary gland to be tested, I thought it was a bog standard letter, but it turns out they have just received funding to test for damage after a SAH. They took blood every 1/2 hour for four hours after giving me a hormone injection, and iv'e just had the results, it turns out i am now not producing enough cortisol, they have done another test to make sure it's not a false negative, the Dr is phoning me next week with the results of that, if that comes back the same it seems i will be on hydrocortisone, which according to the Doc will only take a couple of days to kick in and i will start to feel like a new woman. I know a lot of people on the BTG site suffer severely with fatigue, so fingers crossed this might be the way forward for a lot of people. I've just got to say a huge thank you to Arrowepark Hospital and The Walton Centre for the care i received, they were absolutey brilliant. Hello to Janet, Janxxxx
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