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    I am currently recovering from my SAH. Mine was not caused by an aneurism so still unsure why or what caused my SAH. I have some vision issues from my angiogram and also find my short term memory is very lacking. As I've had my SAH recently I am finding the recovery process to be quite slow and have small episodes of depression.
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    Reading, exercising, spending time with family and dogs
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    October 19, 2013

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  1. I am now almost 4 years post non aneurism SAH and still get regular headaches. Weather and hormones affect it huge and I make sure to have T3 on hand at all times. It's not as bad as the first two years but it is still there as a dull ache. Not sure how many others are the same, but that has been my experience.
  2. Although it was, now, over three years ago that I suffered my SAH I do remember having horrendous back/hip and leg pain. It was so bad that during the second angiogram I had spasms (almost like seizures) and it was dreadful. I had assumed it was because the bed I was in was an air bed - and I have always had hard/firm mattresses, so hearing this brought back some memories and understanding. I found great relief from my sciatic pain by seeing a chiropractor, however, I wasn't allowed anything to do with neck adjustments for about a year after my SAH. Massage was also helpful, but
  3. I suffered a 'no known cause' SAH myself three years ago. When I got out of the hospital I had extreme anxiety as well and it took until just over a month ago to finally be able to sleep through the night. For me it was a form of PTSD and I would get a second opinion on the suggestion of not medicating because you can't heal if you can't find peace and sleep/relax. I find sleep hypnosis has been a huge help for me - gives my mind something to focus on while I'm falling asleep and depending on the topic help me with other issues (self esteem, codependency, etc). Routine is key r
  4. Since my last post things were starting to get better, and by a lot. My optometrist gave me contacts to wear instead of glasses which rest on headache pressure points. I have also started walking 3-5 Kms a day with my dogs. Life has been pretty good, until this setback... We recently traveled to Saskatchewan from Alberta for a family gathering and I had a great time. I made sure to get in some walks to keep my health in check and drank lots of water. However, when we returned home to Calgary my head has been absolutely horrible. Could it be the altitude and barometric pressure chan
  5. Good evening, When I was asking for advice or suggestions I wasn't meaning medical - I was looking for alternative ideas - meditation, yoga, etc. I am finding the silver lining is harder to locate these days. I have found comfort in a number of posts/topics here and appreciate the kind words in previous messages too. The talk of "new normal" makes me feel slightly resentful but I understand that I just have to let the past go and look forward instead of backwards. Not always easy. Luckily I have gotten most of my memory issues sorted out. I had a photographic memory prior to SAH and just a
  6. Good day my fellow SAH survivors; I am fast approaching my two year anniversary from suffering my NASAH. I was 37 at the time of the event and was in very good health, overweight but nothing too serious. Unfortunately work was my life at the time - as could be witnessed by being on my blackberry during the first few days of my hospital stay. I was in hospital for 2 full weeks until the vasospasms subsided and was deemed safe to go home. It took me another 3.5 months to return to work only to be let go upon my first day. I have since found other employ and totally love my work. I s
  7. Thank you Lola. I am more than willing to take the necessary time. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  8. I am now three weeks post non-aneurism SAH. I have been told by one of my neurosurgeons to take 12 weeks leave from work, yet another says only 3-4 weeks. I know my body is no where near ready and am starting to worry that I may be forced back before I can handle it. Any advice ir experiences you could share?
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