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  1. Hey Guys, I hope you are all well and having a positive start to 2014 I wanted to give you an update as so much as happened since my last post. Just over 5 weeks ago we was told that my brother wouldn't be going to rehab and the best option for him would be a home after his massive brainstem bleed and he was in a locked in state. As a family we decided to try out a method of scalp and electro acupuncture that I had researched on the internet as a last chance to get him moving again which I have mentioned in my last post. We started the acupuncture on 17th December and had the sessions eve
  2. Hi Guys, After our first session with the acupuncturist the next day we had a lot of movement from both sides of his body and again another raised left arm, the movement on the right side is not as much as the left but there is movement. It’s so amazing that we have gone from barely no movement and him being in a locked on type of state to what we have gained in one session. Yesterday we had session 2 and it was pretty much more of the same, more scalp acupuncture and then some electro acupuncture. He responded well again to this and we had more leg movements. I haven’t been able to get to
  3. Hey Guys, My brother was moved out of ICU on Sunday and is now in a ward. He still wasn't moving much at all apart from the occasional small movements from his hand on his left side. We finally got permission from the new ward to go ahead with the acupuncture and had our first session this evening, It was quite remarkable. They placed about 8 needles in his head, 1 wrist on this right and 1 in the moustache area. The moved the needles about and he started making movement on his right leg and clenching his right hand. They then attached a tense machine to the needles and left him for 20 mins
  4. Today was the big day when the acupuncturist was coming to do his first session with my brother, at the last moment the hospital pulled out after signing the consent forms on Sunday. They would like to look into things first. Massive kick in the teeth today and slowly this hospital is breaking mine and my families heart. The nurses are fanstastic but there seems to be something at Consultant level that we have always felt uneasy about from day 1. Questions never get answered and if they do you get so many different answers. Whilst they are looking into things, tomorrow I am going to ask the
  5. Thanks Guys, been to see my brother all day today and watched a film with him. He is getting smaller and smaller but having him with us still is a blessing. I didn't realise how lucky we have been, the acupuncturist that is going to be working with my brother was a senior acupuncture doctor at a TCM hospital in Nanjing, China, which is the same hospital that treated Devin Dearth.
  6. Hi Guys, Just got back from the assessment with the acupuncturist's.They looked through the medical notes and examined him and have told us that the bleed that my brother had was a bad bleed but there is still grey areas of the Brain that can be saved. The have not promised anything but would like to work with my brother. They have worked on people before with my severe bleeds so nothing is impossible. We haver been rather lucky to find the guy we have as he does Scalp acupuncture, I was only just reading about this last night but its hard to find someone in the UK that performs this type o
  7. Hi Guys, not been able to get on for a while, just wanted to give you an update. Next week the hospital have called a family meeting. There hasn't been much promising signs over the last couple of weeks, the moment was minimal and he has not done any movement in front of the doctors still. The hospital want to send my brother to a home rather then rehab which has hit us all hard. We still think he needs more time as he has had many set backs over the last 4 weeks since this happened and only 1 week of being stable. I have looked online to see what can kick start any movement as this is wha
  8. Thanks for the advice Kris. Just had a call from his happy fiancée and today he has moved his hands to command and is blinking on command. I'm so happy as this is the news she needed, she has been so down this week. I had the feeling he was going to do something I can't wait to get up to the hospital after work now.
  9. Hi Guys, Been a mixed week so far this week. So my brother has been on antibiotics for his lungs and yesterday it seems to be working as his temp has come down and he was back on the mask for a couple of hours yesterday. Yesterday we was told has has some blood clots in his legs but not to be alarmed as they are in the lower legs , did anyone else experience blood clots and is it common? I believe he is really fighting this week as he seems to be trying to keep his eyes fully open and focus on things but the nurse still think he isn't fully awake, I don't know why but I think he is as when
  10. Unfortunately my brother has been put back on the ventilator this as he has picked up Pneumonia. One step forward, two steps back.
  11. Thanks Sally, Today my father asked him to squeeze his hand and he made the tiniest movement to squeeze it. He didn't do anymore after this but he looked at is with very wide open eyes Today as if to tell us something. He is having an MRI in the next couple of days and he may come of ICU next week. Great day in all, any tiny bit of progress is more then I ever expected
  12. Hey Paul, I just read all of your story and this has given me a lot of hope for my brother. I have been sharing all the stories I read on here with my other family members as they are struggling to cope and I would like to share the positivity I gain from being on here. Wishing you and Lin well Michael
  13. Today they wheeled him out to relatives room for about 45mins. His eyes were open and shed a little tear when he met his new son. I have just been to visit him and still no movement, I tried to communicate today through blinking yes and no answers but not sure I got it right, I also bought a letter board but I supposed I have to master the blinks before attempting this.
  14. Hey Guys, Sorry I forgot to say they had a little boy, this was his dream as he has 2 little girls already and was dying for a mini him. The hospital have been great, the Neuro ICU ward and Maternity ward have been in contact and arranged for him to meet him tomorrow. Thanks for all your kind messages, being on here only a couple of days has already made me think positively. I need to install this into him now Michael
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