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  1. Hi Ally, If you read back over old posts, you should see details of how I got my driving licence back. For me, my consultants referred me to see the Neuro psychology (NP) team and they did some psychology testing which showed I had strong observational skills, no issues with my memory etc and that NP team wrote an extensive report which I submitted to the DVLA (it also mentioned that my job involved a lot of observational skills and that given I'd returned to work successfully, that suggested I'd compensated for my vision). Based on all of that, my Neurology
  2. Hi Johnnie Yes, I think you could reapply in August this year. I think it's still an 8 week rule that applies: https://www.gov.uk/reapply-driving-licence-medical-condition When contacting the DVLA I refenced the 'Exceptional Circumstances' given on the following page: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/visual-disorders-assessing-fitness-to-drive I'd recommend getting your neurologist to confirm that whatever caused your visual field loss was an isolated event (I'm afraid I haven't read any of your previous posts so am not sure what the cause was of your s
  3. Hi Johnnie, sorry to hear you're a fellow sufferer of peripheral vision loss and apologies for not replying sooner! As one of the previous posters said, I haven't actually been back on this site for a long time and didn't see this until I got a nudge from one of the admins The good news is that after a very long battle I did manage to get my driving licence back and for me life has returned to pretty much normal, so Johnnie don't lose hope just yet. I still have a blind spot on my RHS in my peripheral vision (no improvement since about 6months post the bleed) and offici
  4. Just to add, I saw a new doctor on Tuesday after being referred to this neuro-ophthalmology team in Oxford by my own ophthalmologist. The main consultant in this team is very into neuro-ophthalmology research, including regaining vision after nerve damage in the brain. Sadly I don't meet the requirements to be involved in any of their research (I was told by the consultant's registrar that my vision is too good and they are only including people with hemianopia). However, he told me that whether nerves can heal or not is still very much anyone's guess. He confirmed that whilst some
  5. I've just spoken to the William Merrit Centre and they were very helpful and confirmed that they would be happy to see me for a driving assessment but that they currently have a waiting list of 3 months!!! Given I'm hopeful that the DVLA will have actually made a decision about me in the next month or so (even if they subsequently do take away my licence ) I've decided to hold off from booking an assessment. However, it sounds like they are definitely a very useful contact for anyone out there looking to return to driving with a degree of peripheral vision loss.
  6. Sadly Penny and Kerry it isn't as easy as getting an answer from the DVLA - I've tried! I have asked the DVLA for clarification before as to whether I can drive or not whilst they examine my case. They said "we cannot advise on whether you can drive at present, please follow your GPs advice". When I asked my GP she said she wasn't comfortable making that decision as she wasn't a medical driving expert and told me to go with what the DVLA said (even though I told her they deferred to her opinion)! As a result I haven't been driving as I'd rather be over-cautious. Even when I ad
  7. I told them I still have my licence but the DVLA's medical team are still investigating and they said until the DVLA had confirmed that they are happy for me to drive they couldn't test me.
  8. Kerry Wow! That's amazing news, well done Kerry! The William Merret Centre belong to the same organisation as my local driving centre but they still won't let me do it - they refuse because although I still technically have my licence I'm still under investigation. I think I'll try contacting the William Merret Centre even though it's completely the other end of the country to me, to see what they say!
  9. Kerry I just contacted a local private driving assessment centre but they told me that as the DVLA are investigating me to determine whether or not I have sufficient visual field they would not be able to let me do an assessment. They told me that until the DVLA can confirm I have sufficient visual field they cannot test me. So it sounds like there is no-way of me doing a driving assessment
  10. Thanks Penny, I will look into it again
  11. Kerry how did you manage to get a private on-road driving assessment? I still have my physical licence but have been told i'm not allowed to drive by my consultants while the DVLA decision is pending. When I first came home from hospital there was no way I felt safe to drive, but now my vision has improved so much that I don't even notice my vision issue on a daily basis and I do feel safe to drive. It is my bottom right quadrant that is missing; I say quadrant but actually it's no longer a quarter as I can now see things out to the side, just not nearer the middle if my peripheral
  12. Hi Kerry I thought you my find this thread I started a while ago interesting - it is on the topic of recovering visual field: http://www.behindthegray.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?9324-Recovering-lost-visual-field Also, if you want to practice your visual field tests online (NB. They are not the same as the DVLA ones), then try: http://dtx.novavision.com/novaassess/
  13. Hi Kerry You sound just like me!!! I suffered my haemorrhagic stroke last November (2013) so almost 4months ago at the age of 27. At the time it happened I was healthy, I didn't smoke, I barely drank, I was fit and had a low BP (it remained low even during the haemorrhage!). I suffered a haemorrhage in my left occipital lobe and no cause has been found (my neurologist suspects it was a cavernous angioma but we will never know). It has left me with right inferior homonymous quadrantanopia. When the stroke happened I initially had hemiopia, but within hours that settled to quadr
  14. Macca and Dawn thanks for your stories. It's now been over 3 months since my intracerebral haemorrhage and I'm still off work with no immediate plans to return. A few weeks ago I felt that I was making strong progress and I started doing more when bang I had another 3 day headache that wiped me out completely. Since then I've been trying to incorporate more proper rests where I actually go and lie down with my eyes shut, rather than just thinking that lounging on the sofa watching tv counts as rest. Unfortunately though I had another horrendous headache on Saturday and Sunday (resu
  15. Thank you ever so much for all the responses - you have definitely made me feel a bit more calm about the whole thing! I have the test next Wednesday so please keep your fingers crossed for then!
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