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    carer to wife Merrill of 38years
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    Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
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    photography and fishing
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    march 27th 09 / carer

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  1. rod123

    rod 123

    Hi all, I would just like to say thankyou for the kind words of encourougement, i'm off to Addenbrookes on sunday for an op to remove a 3.1 centremetre tumour on the front left of my brain and hopefully this will give me 6 months of relatively pain free time bar the radiotherapy, which i dont really understand much about that ,but Merrill is now 3 years down the line on tuesday and she is so much better that she was so i have this to be happy for, really about the only thing she does'nt do is go out on her own and that is mainly due to her unsteadiness and the risks of falling, I Hope i will post again, i now only have one lung so i do have what they call underlying problems, but i hope to speak to you all very soon Best Wishes Rod and Merrill x
  2. Hi Paul, good luck with the home visit, hope all goes well for you, Rod and Merrill
  3. Hi Paul, great news hope you have lots of days out, and things continue to improve, Hope the other stuff goes away for you too, Best wishes Rod and Merrill
  4. Hi well done, found that a bit touching right at the end, especially the standing ovation well done, Best wishes Rod
  5. HI shelly and welcome glad to hear you're getting on well, Merrill my wife had her sah 2years ago march the 27th just gone and she's had 3 angios and she breezed them each time,a little bit of soreness in the groin the next day and i do think they tell you to take it easy for a couple of days good luck for monday. Best wishes Rod
  6. rod123


    Hi i took Merrill my wife to Yorkshire for a week last year and the day after getting back she could not remember having gone that was 15 months after her ash and even now things are not much better if she watches the telly by the end of what ever we are watching she usually cannot remember the beginning,and when she rings her mother in the evening she has to ask me what we have done that day Best wishes Rod
  7. Hi Merrill had her sah 23 months ago and has never returned to work she had 2 annis 1 clipped and 1 coiled and then a shunt fitted i think for some people recovery takes longer than other and for some complete recovery does'nt happen, but i heard a story on the radio about a lady who had an sah her husband was getting a record played for her and she had that day just returned to work 9 years later, so the moral must be never give up. Best wishes Rod
  8. Hi my wife Merrill had a shunt fittted 21 months ago and it really did bother me at the time but i had a phone conversation with Paul (who answered this post above me) and he said something similar to this you have a heart and lungs in inside and you dont think about them and thats how her shunt will become and to be honest mostly that has proved to be true, it is a bit of a worry at the start but you learn to live with it and you dont think about it every day. Best wishes Rod
  9. Hi, Sam sorry to hear of your illness, you seem to have come through it very well, i am a carer for my wife who had an sah 22 months ago and i think when it happens it's a scarey time for everyone, anyway welcome to the site.Best wishes Rod
  10. Hi when Merrill had her sah it left her requiring hearing aids and i remember during the time docs spent looking at her hearing someone mentioned that if your blood pressure goes up a little you will sometimes get a gushing sound in your ears, it might be worth just getting your blood pressure checked out Best wishes Rod
  11. Hi Rog sorry to hear about your wifes illness it is a scarey time, my wife had her sah 22months ago now,she had 2 aneurysms and had the first coiled and another clipped a few days later, it was the worst time of my life as i'm sure it was for you, recovery is different for everyone and your wife seems as though she's doing very well, the last 22 months has not been all steps forward there are times when things dont move forward or may seem that things have taken a step back but it was a serious illness and she has come through it but recovery can be long and drawn out for some and for others things seem to go much better so good luck to your wife with her recovery and remember there is no point in worry about what could happen as it probably never will, Best wishes to you both Rod
  12. Hi Paul i really can sympathise with you, as if you hav'nt got enough on your plate without the family problems, i can understand you feeling down it's been along haul, but on the upside in the last few months Lin has been making progress, and your post have all been favourable lets hope Lins progress continues, and i hope you soon start to feel a bit better, Good Luck Rod
  13. Hi Merrill takes a med for anxiety still 21 months on, her anxiety started at night and is always worse if she wakes during the night, you are right about gp not knowing much about sah but if you work it out there are 33,000 gp in the country and i think i'm right in saying about 8,00 sah a year so they dont really get the experience, but if you speak to your gp he should be able to identify and treat anxiety, the meds helped Merrill quite a lot. Good luck Rod
  14. Hi Yes Merrills been like that right the way through,sometimes she has good periods then something completly different and unexpected happens recently it was a blood clot behind her eye,which they dealt with and something thats been going on for a while is that Merrills emotions seems to get mixed up, one night we had an intruder and while i was trying to sort things out Merrill just giggled all the way through it, Merrill does not respond to a situation how you would expect, so they are doing more blood tests this wednesday as they think it might be to do with hormones. I hope you start to feel better soon Best wishes Rod
  15. Hi just an update on this post merrill had an appointment at the TIA clinic at the N&N hospital and after all the checks and i think they are quite thorough, they now believe that it was'nt a TIA Merrill had but a blood clot behind the eye so they put her back on Aspirin and hopefully that should sort it out, Best wishes Rod
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