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  1. Thanks for this-after 3 years I still keep a diary of everything I need to do as otherwise I would not remember to do it. I can tick them off when they are done too. I still have days where I forget to check my diary, and thats when my day can go really badly, lol. But, for £2.99, a "week at a glance" diary is the best tool for memory problems for me-definitely recommend it!
  2. Laura

    Fatigue after a SAH

    I am 3 years 3 months post clipping for SAH, tried to return to work after a year but was unable to cope-when I was asked questions about work I found I just couldn't understand what I was being asked-it was very distressing for me, but I hoped it would resolve over time. It didn't and after 6 weeks phased return I just ground to a halt-couldn't get out of bed -exhausted, brain at a standstill. I was ill health retired, and now 3 years later I'm trying to get back into some admin work via volunteering, and really enjoying a few hours a week, but the exhaustion is back in force, and it is a bit
  3. Hi Daffodil I too have felt some of what you describe but to a much, much lesser degree thank goodness, you have my sympathies. Thanks to this great site, I have so much insight to the legacy of SAH, and when things like anxiety and tearfullness, brain fog and irritability, catch me out I try to roll with it. I was out for dinner with a pal from work, and on looking at the indian menu, realised I just couldn't read it, and concentrate on what we were talking about, so just asked her to order me something! She happily complied without turning a hair, and we had a great catch up over a f
  4. Laura

    Pat's Story

    Hi Pat, Can I suggest that you go to CItizens Advice Bureaux as they have been very supportive of me when I had no idea what I was entitled too, never having been ill before or unemployed, and trying to cope with my numerous HR meetings at work. I was completely unable to process or understand any information in relation to benefits etc due to my cognitive impairment, and they were fantastic at filling in forms and writing letters to ensure that I got what I was entitled too. Its a shame you had to resign, that may complicate things, but please give them a try. I have had to take ill health r
  5. I'm rarely fit to any degree, and after my SAH was soo weak I'm amazed how much I've recovered just by the gentlest of approaches, as everyone has described. I have disc problems, and found walking very purposefully- bum tight belly in really helped with getting some core stability back. I also made up my own little program of back friendly yoga moves, general stretches, and did this most days when I was banned from doing just about everything else for 3 months post op. I'm certainly not fit, but feel better than I did pre stroke because I'm at least doing something regularly
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