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  1. Thank you for letting me know what they said. That's the thing with Vision it's a guessing game and there are no exercises etc that you can do to help you recover!! Well I hope dvla say a big fat yes to driving for you!! I have my fingers crossed for you, I know how important it is for your freedom xx
  2. My vision improved slightly over 6 months but I think it has slowed down now. Some people say the virtual part of your brain can't repair but I know of someone who had slight recover 18 months after his stroke so I'm still holding out hope xx
  3. I'd still book in for a test, at least if they think your visual test is borderline you will have the practical evidence that you are able to drive (if you pass). They told me even if I cancelled the day before they would refund me the money. I also asked to be put on a cancellation list, they told me 3 months but it was seen in about 5 weeks because there had been a cancellation. Try and get as much evidence as possible to send to dvla. Hope this helps, good luck I know how you feel it's awful they put you through this for so long. X
  4. Yeah I agree, just ring dvla and see what they suggest. They told me that I could send as much evidence in as I wanted and it would be taken into consideration x
  5. Sally have you had any improvements over the years with your vision xx
  6. I'm not sure what to suggest? I was told as long as the dvla knew I was driving I was fine. If nobody has told you that you can't drive then you are fine to drive until the dvla say decide? Have you had a field of vision test at the hospital or anywhere else? X
  7. Has anybody told you that you can't drive? Did they ask you that question? Just thinking maybe that's why they said no?? X
  8. Yeah I've got my licence back! Dvla have sent me a letter to confirm I can drive. I did my assessment at the William merret centre in York. It cost me £90 x
  9. Hi, my name is Kerry and I am 30 years old. I suffered a stroke may 2013. Only my vision was affected, I am now left with quadrantanopia. I have had all the tests and scans available and they have found no cause for it, just unlucky I guess. Waiting on dvla to let me know if I can drive. I have a little boy that was 7 months at the time of my stroke (he's now 17 months) but they don't think that was a cause. I just live in hope that my sight will get better and repair. It has improved loads since last May but I feel it has now slowed down. I don't drink a lot, I don't smoke, I'm not over weight, I exercise, so it's a complete mystery why I had an occipital lobe stroke?!?! X
  10. I did mine at the William Merritt centre in York, as dvla haven't took your licence you are still able to do the assessment, it was a fellow stroke patient that told me about it, he said you need to get as much evidence together as possible, if it works or not god knows? Just hoping they take it into consideration. I will look into the access to work and see if I can get anything, thank you x
  11. Yes you do sound like me, I had some recovery in the first 6 months but not had a field of vision test since do not sure if I've improved anymore. The dvla sent me for test at the local opticians and he said he thinks I would pass but wasn't 100% sure. It's my upper left quarter is missing, but I'm not sure if I missed any in my central vision? If I can't drive I will need to hand my notice in at work, which is going to be a nightmare. I had a field of vision test at the hospital and he said I wouldn't be able to drive, just hope they base their decision on my recent test that they sent me for. I also paid private for a practical on road assessment that the dvla use and I passed that so I sent it in. But just hoping they don't go on what my consultant sats which was back in December. I live in a remote area in yorkshire so just hoping I can drive! I'm the same looking for people who have had recovery, come across some people who have had recovery and other who haven't, it's just a waiting game I guess. So frustrating! I have looked into the vision restoration therapy but I don't know if it's worth it, my optician said that she doesn't think my vision loss is serious enough to even try it, it's more for people who have very little vision. Let me know how you get on, I have my fingers crossed for you x
  12. Hi, I'm 29 and suffered a occipital love stroke last May, no cause has been found for it. I'm young, fit, healthy, not over weight and I don't have high cholesterol and I'm not a big drinker?!?! Luckily my stroke has only affected my vision. Just wondering if anybody has seen any visual improvements after 10 months? I'm also waiting on dvla to make a decision on my driving, hoping I can drive as I have a 17 month old little boy and also if I can't drive I will have to hand my notice in at work x
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