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    On here to get some support and advice about my mum who had a SAH on the 19th of March 2014.
  1. Hi there, My mum is 48 and had a SAH on the 19th of March 2014. She had the coil operation on the 20th of March and was discharged from hospital on Monday the 7th of April. Whilst in hospital my mum also had vasospasm, seizures and hydrocephalus. A lumbar drain was used to deal with the hydrocephalus and she is on keppra 500mg for the seizures. I was so pleased to have mum home and have been doing my best to look after her but she has had a constant sore head since she's been home. She tells me that the pain isn't getting worse but some days she can barely do anything apart from sleep or hold her sore head. The pain relief she has is codeine 30mg but this doesn't seem to have much impact. She finished her nimodipine course at home and then restarted her blood pressure tablets. I know that I am lucky to still have my mum with me without any major physical problems but I feel so helpless to see her in so much pain! She's been home for a week now and thought I would see some sign of improvement. This Wednesday will be 4 weeks since her SAH, and I know this is still really early in her recovery! How can I help her? Any tips for dealing with a sore head? She doesn't think she needs a doctor but when do I phone for advice? I have an oximeter, blood pressure and heart rate monitor and home and all of these things are fine. She's eating breakfast and dinner and drinking fluid - I've even got decaff tea bags! Some advice would be great! I want to look after my mum - I don't want her to get unwell again! Thanks, Chris
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