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John Nicholson

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About John Nicholson

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  • Birthday 06/12/1970


  • Biography
    SAH in 2009 followed by a severe cerebral vasospasm 1 week later which left me with no movement on my RH side. this was coiled.
    3 further aneurysms clipped in 2010.
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    Weymouth, Dorset
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    Cycling, Photography, Kayaking
  • Occupation
    Bikehut at Halfords
  • SAH/Stroke Date
    04 / 09 / 2009

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  1. thanks to you all, its nice to know that there is support available and I'm not on my own. I keep having to remind myself how lucky I am, even though sometimes I really dont feel that lucky. But I have been given a second chance and I must remember that.
  2. Hi everyone, I was starting to think that I was to young to have suffered an SAH but i can see from the forums this is far from the truth. The last 2 months have been a very emotional period having only lost my dad to an SAH in January 2009, which was a shock to the whole family. I suffered my SAH at work late on a Friday afternoon, I was out washing my van having got back from a service call early and was trying to kill time before being set free for the weekend. I was having a laugh with the lady in the accounting department who was trying to get me to wash her car aswell, I turned around to continue with my van and it felt like i had been hit in the back of the head and i had been split in half, I really dont remember much from that point for the next 4 days, i have snapshots of those 4 days but nothing that is clear and there are only a few of those. My next clear memory was waking up on a ward in the Wessex Neuro Unit in Southampton with drips everywhere and a banging headache. I was informed that i had suffered an SAH and that they had coiled it and they explained the procedure i had. The next 2 days are a bit blurry, eventually later that week I was up going to the toilet and showering, the headache was a constant but as i suffer from migraines it was copeable. then on the saturday i woke up and i couldnt move my right leg, I remember staring at my foot willing it to move and thinking its OK i slept on it and its still asleep I'll just prop it up it will be fine in 10 mins, then I realised I couldnt move my right arm either. After 1/2 an hour things were no better and I called the nurse. The next bit is all a bit blurry again this time I woke up in HDU linked up to more things than i can remember. I had suffered a serious Vasospasm and 2 weeks of triple H therapy ensued. It all went fine with the exception of being hyper sensitive to reductions in Noradreneline when my BP would fluctuate massively and take a while to settle again. After 3 weeks in Southampton I managed to get a discharge to Dorset County HDU where I was in for a shock after Southampton. None of the nurses knew what procedures I had done and in the first 24 hours had messed my noradreneline up and sent me into a BP rollercoaster, after 3 days there I was transfered to a ward and 22 hours later I managed to lie my way into a discharge! with hindsight this was a mistake but at least being at home I can get some sleep. So nearly 3 weeks on now and happily the headaches have returned and my right side is incredibly shakey, I've fallen over a few times because my reaction time is terrible. I'm now struggling to get the house clean and keep it that way as my housemate is next to useless, nothing was done in the house for the month i was in hospital and continues to be the same. I just do as much as I can until the shakes take over and I'm forced to go back to bed.
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