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Margy Westerhof

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  1. Thank you for the quick responses. I did ask many questions and actually asked about the wife/family member having the "best" procedure. So far craniotomy is the answer. I mainly wanted to know more about the PED since it's non-invasive. I will have another angiogram in a few months, will speak to the neurosurgeon and also the intervention radiologist. Hopefully the best answer will present itself. I appreciate all you do.
  2. Hi, I'm Margy, from Michigan in the USA. I suffered a SAH last October, had a coiling, and at the six month mark had an angiogram to see how things looked in my brain. The coils have compacted and the doctors found another aneurysm. They have recommended a craniotomy to clip both aneurysms or another possibility is a pipeline embolization (similar to a stent) of the second aneurysm. Has anyone ever had the pipeline embolization device (PED)? I've read a few articles on the internet, but have found the medical jargon confusing and I'm not sure if it's the right procedure for me. Any information would be most helpful. Thank you.
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