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SAH/Stroke Date

Found 4 results

  1. It has been almost three years now since my SAH, and I feel that I have come quite a long way in my recovery. Fatigue is still a problem, but it’s slowly getting better, or maybe I am just getting better at adjusting my pace. I have recently been able to exercise more without having to rest up too much afterwards, which has been very helpful. Yesterday I had my first angiogram in two years, and this has left me so upset and emotional afterwards and I just can’t get back to a positive state of mind. I have had a few angiograms before, so I knew beforehand that it would be a bit uncomfortable, but this time I just panicked. I was so deeply afraid that something would happen during the angio that my heart was racing even the night before. And when I got to the hospital in the morning, they told me I would have to wait because the doctors had to perform an emergency surgery first. So three more hours of worry. The fear I felt during the angio made me so tense that it felt like it took forever. And this was even though I had had a mild sedative before. Afterwards I was very lucky to have a nice surgeon, who told me straight away that from what he could see, everything looked fine. He even came to my ward to give me copies of the scans, and explained them to me. After that, I was so relieved and felt happy for a while. Today however, everything just hit me at once. The toll on my brain from the wait, the irrational fear and the anxiety before the angio. And also having to rest and not being able to exercise for a week or so because of the risk of bleeding. It reminds me so much of how I felt at the beginning of my recovery, and I feel confused, angry and a bit sad. And I can’t even explain why, I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this affected mentally for a long time now. I guess I just wanted to share this with you because even though I have been talking to my husband about this, he can’t really understand why I was afraid in the first place, I am usually a very rational person. So thanks for listening. /Tina
  2. Hello everyone. Glad to find this group of those that understand. I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm while on the other side of the country. I had an on again off again headache for about a week. It was in one spot in the back of my head, but honestly I didn't think much of it. I was visiting family and doing a 2 day 40 mile walk for breast cancer awareness. The walk was fine, no issues. 2 days later I had the worst headache of my life. I was due to fly home, but thankfully did not get on the plane and instead my sister drove me to the nearest walk in medical clinic. The clinic sent us to the local hospital. The local hospital put me in an ambulance to go to a bigger hospital. They put in a coil for the rupture. I remember nothing for those 4 weeks. My husband flew across country and stayed in the hospital with me, sleeping on chairs. We flew home and I had one week of rehab. It is now 14 months later and I feel very slow and have a lot of anxiety. I stay home alone a lot. Work days are over, but I am 62. My driver's license was never revoked but I feel way too slow to drive. My big drive is to Starbucks 1 mile away. We actually sold my car and are down to 1 car. I don't believe that I am high risk, for an aneurysm, I have not smoked a cigarette in about 25 years, blood pressure is normal, no family history.
  3. Hi, I am posting for a dear friend who has anxiety attacks during which her blood pressure gets high. I am just wondering how common are these anxiety attacks and what is your normal blood pressure after the SAH? How frequently do you get anxiety/panic attacks? Your response will be greatly appreciated.
  4. My husband had his non aneurism bleed 17 days ago and was just discharged home from ICU. It's a "no know cause" diagnosis. We are blessed he is set to recover and do well, just struggles with his short term memory loss. Our current biggest symptom we are battling is extreme anxiety & restlessness. He's never had bouts of either before. He is constantly pacing and his heart is racing. His mind is going 100mph and he very uncomfortable because he feels awful. Our neuro does NOT want to prescribe any sedatives for he feels they'll do more harm then good, possibly Any help please
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