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SAH/Stroke Date

Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm brand new to this site and very happy to have found it. I'm 33 and suffered a minor stroke on 9th January 2017. It left me with a visual field defect on my lower left side. After reporting it to the doctor/ DVLA my driving licence was quickly revoked. I was diagnosed with a minor stroke following an MRI. Investigations into the cause of the stroke found a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) in my heart (a hole) and this was closed on 18th December 2017. I've had no other symptoms other than my vision issues and I've been able to go about my life as normal (other than not being able to drive). I'm due to take a driving assessment, requested by the DVLA, next week. I was just wondering what people's experiences were of the assessment and what the pass rate is? I still feel very confident in my driving abilities even though it's been over a year since driving. Thanks in advance.
  2. LEFT SCOTOMA PERIPHERAL FIELD VISION LOSS (DVLA) 19 year old male, 6 months ago car accident, TBI, brain hemorrhage, 6 hours Neuro surgery GCS 4! Only now left some damage to right occipital lobe AND right optic nerve. 100% cognitive recovery and vision has vastly improved, no double vision. Using both eyes has 20/20 acuity and central vision even up to DVLA driving standards. But on the left peripheral he has a scotoma (blind spot) both eyes about 20-30 degrees left of central vision so although does NOT affect daily life it does affect field vision tests for driving and that's when it was picked up. He has tried Peli prism glasses as we went private! NHS support is non-existent. Specsavers working with him wearing Peli lens specs and doing monthly DVLA type Esterman tests. Improving on the tests and he has adapted amazingly well to the point he ONLY has this type of 11o'clock vision loss when fixates or daydreams! Waiting on further progress and although will NOT pass the tests outright his Opthamolgist may support Exceptional Case and refer for practical assessment - 'never say never' ESTERMAN TEST RESULTS 1.pdf
  3. Hi there everyone. I'm new to this and needing a bit of advice. My boyfriend suffered a bleed on his brain 10 years ago and overcame it all and last year applied for his driving licence. Got that in 6 months and has being driving about. He applied for his hgv and had his driving licence revoked. We are in the process of going to the hospital now to see an orthoptic. Can anyone tell me what happens at this appointment? Will there be any visible field tests? He does has slight preferential vision loss due to the bleed but can see! Thanks Hannah
  4. I suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage on the 18th March 2013. No known cause was found for my haemorrhage and I know from the DVLA medical guidance I can return to driving when I feel well enough. I sent my medical form to DVLA on 2 May 2013 and DVLA wrote to my consultant on 18 May 2013. My consultant has still not filled in the form and returned it to DVLA. I am expected to return to work next week and my 10-15 min car journey will turn into a 40 min bus journey. Surely it is better for my health to be able to return to driving sooner rather than later. I feel well enough to drive but I am currenlty very tearful because my independance has been taken away from me and the thought of returning to work without being able to drive is upsetting me more than anything else. I keep calling my consultant's secretary who says she will chase him up but the form is still sitting on his desk. I just want to get my life back but it is so difficult without being able to drive. I am very upset Tracey
  5. I had a SAH just over a year ago followed by a VP shunt; I'm still on phenytoin at the moment although aiming to come off in a couple of months (all being well), but because of post surgery seizures had to give up my driving licence - can anyone please tell me how long I should leave it before reapplying to the DVLA, are they helpful or not, do they test for short term memory problems (which I have) or are they simply interested in driving ability ? thanks
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