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SAH/Stroke Date

Found 3 results

  1. Last Monday night my dad (75) suffered a grade 4 SAH. He was transferred to the regional hospital where the aneurysm was successfully coiled and an EVD fitted. Since then he has been in intensive care on a ventilator and has been through a cycle of being off sedatives in the day and then back on them at night. Unfortunately overnight the EVD clotted and he was rushed into surgery. Thankfully he made it safely through the operation and is now back in ICU. We’ve all gained comfort from reading people’s stories and recoveries. I know it’s early days. But we have a few worries that don’t seem to have been answered in the hospital. When my dad first came round from the general anaesthetic (which they kept him on overnight) he seemed to recognise us and grabbed and squeezed our hand. He was obviously drifting in and out of awareness, but a lot of the time he seemed to be able to respond. He initially couldn’t move his right hand side but through the first couple of days that movement increased and he can definitely feel down that side. Our main concern is that as the week has progressed he seems to be less and less aware of us. Partly he’s sleeping more, but also he’s obeying commands less and less and yesterday not at all. He was opening his eyes at intervals and we thought he was listening, but didn’t squeeze our hands when we asked as he had done earlier in the week. Does anyone have any experience of this? He just seems to have got weaker and weaker through the week and, of course, we’re all so worried. The plan each day is to try to get him off the ventilator (and sedatives so they can assess him better), but each day he’s weaker and coming off the ventilator seems further away. Earlier in the week he was trying to grab the ventilator out but now he’s just lying there. We're at a loss. Thank you so much
  2. On New Years Eve (just over 3 weeks ago) my wife suffered a SAH from a very small ruptured aneurysm. She spent 15 days hospitalized (including 13 in NICU) and has now been home for 10 days. So far, we have been very fortunate: It occurred when I was home and could get medical attention quickly; the neurosurgeon came in to perform a coiling surgery in the wee hours of the morning on a holiday; there was no vasospasm. The only complication was cerebral salt wasting syndrome. She is having constant headaches, but has no impairments other than the common ones we're told are temporary: double vision, short-term memory and attention difficulty, fatigue, sleep disturbance, and intense emotional reactions. We have no close family in the immediate area except my elderly mother-in-law who needs care herself, but fortunately my employer has been very understanding so far of my absences, etc. Today is my third day working full-time since the SAH. My wife is a self-employed musician and we can manage fine financially without that income. (Of course emotionally, she needs to return to that activity.) The hospital that treated her is one of the best in the US, but once she was discharged it was a bit like being dropped off a cliff: All the intense attention ceased and it's not even clear who we should contact with questions. The discharge paperwork was unclear and in some cases contradictory. Mostly, I'm here looking for insight into how to stay a positive influence on her healing process, how to help calm her anxieties and not exacerbate them.
  3. Hi, wondering if anyone can just help settle our worries a little bit. I know every case is different would be great to hear what other people went through watching a loved one during recovery. 2 weeks ago my Dad (aged 51) suffered a very large SAH. The last 2 weeks have been such a rollercoaster from the point where we were sat in room with a doctor telling us there was nothing they could do as he was not responding, to the doctor coming back in saying scrap that, he has just started responding. He has been in Neuro critical care and the staff have been absolutely amazing. He recognises us all, he can eat and swallow, his eye sight seems ok as he can read big signs on the ward etc. 2 weeks on he is extremely confused and just rambles on his own little world about random dates. Each day he thinks he is a different country in a different situation. Is this confusion all normal? If we talk directly at him and ask him direct questions his memory is there and he knows the answers. But we just want the normal dad back, not the confused one. Is the confusion and being in your own little world normal and if so how long did it last for other people? Also the surgeons have said they have looked at all jis scans and stuff and stuff and they have decided they do not want to intervene or operate as the risks are too high. They have just said they will continue to monitor and it will take months and months for recovery. Is it normal for people to be untreated? Especially when it's a large bleed? Thank you, just looking for some re-assurance that the confused patient is normal and all part of recovery. Thanks Dotty
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