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Found 5 results

  1. Good morning All. Just seen this survey request from Headway on Fatigue and thought I would share it. For those that haven't come across Headway they support anyone with a brain injury (they have regional UK branches in all counties I think) and also campaign hard to raise awareness. If you suffer from fatigue post brain injury and have a few minutes to spare, please have a look at the survey, link below: https://www.headway.org.uk/get-involved/campaigns/brain-drain-wake-up-to-fatigue/ All the best Greg.
  2. I’m not sure if this is entirely normal and if others have experienced it but for the last 6 months at least my fatigue seems to be getting worse and worse particularly in my legs where they feel tired as soon as I get to work and they ache constantly throughout the day. I’m just a few days away from my 2nd SAH anniversary and I’m concerned thats not getting any better. I work 12 shifts and I worry that this is to blame for it. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. Hi, everyone. I'm new here so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Deb, married with 3 children. I had my SAH on July 17th. I was running a bath and at firs just felt a bit odd, like I was watching the bath fill through a fog. I stood to turn on the cold tap and collapsed to the floor when I came around the bath was full! I tried to stand and realised my left side wasn't working, I felt (and heard) a kind of snap in my ankle and fell to the floor again. Somehow I managed to drag myself downstairs to tell my husband. I was then suddenly hit with the most horrific pain in my head and was violently sick. Husband rang out of hours doctor who , after listening to my husband, phoned an ambulance. I don't remember anything else until 3-4 days later. Spent 3weeks in hospital, had numerous episodes of numbness on left side, CT scans and lumber punctures. I was allowed home on the proviso there was someone at home to "look after me" Well, there was but it didn't last! I have a 14 year old daughter who has suffered with anorexia for almost 3 years, I am her main carer and to say her illness is stressful is an understatement. Pretty much straight away I was back caring for her. It's very much like having a newborn, she is currently beginning to recover (finally) and she has a very strict meal plan. So my day consists of watching the clock for the next meal, snack, shake etc. She is home tutored so I have a constant stream of people in and out of my home, between tutors, doctors, therapists etc..... I really haven't had time to come to terms with my own illness, and I just don't have time for me. I am still suffering terrible headache, noises in my head, (probably tinnitus) fatigue, poor memory, among other things and the thought of going out and seeing people fills me with dread. We are going for a meal tomorrow to celebrate me eldest daughter's new job. I am dreading it, partly the being in public and partly because it's my first time to drive, only got my license back yesterday. I look forward to being part of this community.
  4. The University of Surrey are looking for volunteers to take part in research. If you experienced your first SAH/stroke in the last five years, but have not had a SAH/stroke within the last 12 months, we would like to invite you to take part in a new study. We would like you to tell us about your quality of sleep, and whether you feel it has changed since your SAH/stroke. So what does the study involve? We will ask you to complete a set of questionnaires about your experience of sleep and your quality of life. All responses will be kept anonymous. All participants must be over the age of 18. To take part, please follow this link: http://surveys.fahs.surrey.ac.uk/changes_in_sleep/ To ask for further information, please contact Sophie Light via email at: sl00223@surrey.ac.uk This project is run under supervision of Professor A. Sterr at the University of Surrey. This project starts from the 17/02/2015 and ends on the 05/05/2015. Thank you for your help. (Posted with permission from Admin)
  5. Hi all - unfortunately I find I havent posted here on BTG since I was still in rehab hospital in 2010. Here's a (hopefully working!) link to my original post... http://www.behindthegray.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?6272-Hi-All-Erin-AVM-Removed-SAH-on-9th-June-2010. Please excuse any typo's - i now can only use one hand when typing and have lost quite a big chunk of vision in the left of both eyes so often miss letters Ive now been out of hospital two years. Physio stopped pretty quickly after discharge so its all been down to me and I do my exercises at the gym when I can, although any slight cough or anything I get now floors me so that has to go on hold while im taking the exceptionally long time i need nowadays to recover! I I was unable to return to my old job in dwp as they wanted me back pretty much straight away which i just coldnt do so i had to take a package. its seen us ok isn and although im still not able to do a regular type job - im hoping i will in time to come. Im building towards it but the physical loss, psychological loss, fatigue and loss of vision side of things (plus many more ill not list!) are making that difficult. About a year ago I set up my own photography business - having ound the time now to explore the things I love and interest me. I enjoy it immensely and have made a few sales but its only a very small sideline really. The problem there really is that I find the sales side of it excrutiatingly hard,; I've lost a lot of family/friends and subsequently confidence since the avm/sah. What id like to do in the meantime is volunteering. Ive already applied to Brain & Spine (got a "we dont take/need volunteers, soz" reply from them - yeah, righto!) and headway which is a bit up in the air but really im getting nowhere! I'd like to help in the brain injury area as I have the empathy and experience but am open to most things. I'm also unable to do much 'physical' stuff but i can get around and mostly get by with just using one hand, but it obviously does have limitations. I still feel I have so much to offer. Has anyone had similar problems or any ideas in what I can do? Any advice / help / anything would be appreciated! :confused:
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