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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am so happy to have found this place!! I have felt totally alone with this for the last year and a half, and put a lot of pressure on myself to just get back to normal. I had my perimesencephalic subarachnoid haemorrhage in May 2017, and then developed hydrocephalus, so had an EVD in for 8 days. I was in hospital for a total of 11 days, and went back to full time, energetic work in the September. Now I can see it was way too early, but all I could find at the time online about this type of haemorrhage was that the prognosis was really good. I didn't see any stories from other people. Now I would love to talk to other people who have had the same thing - to hear their story and about how they recovered; to compare and contrast basically. Have you had a perimesencephalic subarachnoid too, ideally someone who also had the EVD? Please let me know, I would so appreciate to hear how the journey has been for you. Thank you, Ruth
  2. Once of the most distressing things for me post SAH was my ability to cope with cognitive demand and sensory overload. It was painful. In time that’s passed since, 7yrs, I have learnt more about my triggers but also how to pace and rest in ways that’s right for me but I still know flooding can and does happen. I still wear sunglasses and earplugs on many occasions and still alway carry them. lots of people come to site and struggle with the sensations and how this feels And I think this is a great education video that explains it credit to Northern Brain Injury Association
  3. Hi there I am now 10 days out of hospital after having a brain bleed which resulted in a clot which they are hoping will absorb itself. I had an angiogram and MRI during my two week stay in hospital, as well as having an EVD draining fluid for 6 days. The consultant could not find an aneurysm on the first scan and I have to go back for another MRI and angiogram in 3 weeks - I have just turned 34 three days ago. I am terrified. I have a one year old and a four year old and am finding I have good days and bad days but the sickness is getting unbearable! I am on Cyclizine but if I dont take it I can be so sick. Is this normal three weeks post op?? Am very scared and worried. Why has this happened! Thanks Jo
  4. Please go easy, this is my first post, might be in the wrong section, sorry if it is, might offend some, sorry if it does, no intention to, just need some help, I am wanting to know how other people with SAH Haemorrhage are suffering, I want to know if what is happening to me is normal. Mobility Issues (starting to get worse) Leg Pains Left hand shakes a lot Body Convulsions Depression Headaches General pain Hearing Stuff Seeing Stuff Smelling Stuff Throwing Drinks over myself(or food) Incontinence at times (Urinaly) through not being able to get there on time I spoke to my doctor about him sectioning me, he said the fact that I asked about it shows I do not need sectioning. But I can not cook, taking care of peronal care can take in excess of an hour, I can not work, I can not walk my dogs, everyone wants me to give up smoking (a contributing factor rather than the cause of my SAH) but how can I with all this going on. I have really bad thoughts, but I would never act on them I feel it is a selfish thing to do (just my opinion, please do not judge me on this). My doctor has been great and it seems now like help is starting to trickle through, just had our first financial problem, think we have 2 more months before our lives fall apart in that way. Had my SAH aged 34 on the 1st of feb, 1 week in intensive care, 4 weeks in a ward, I was walking around, my only issue was pain, now look at the list. Yesterday, I was walking on frogs (seeing stuff) Smelling toffee apples, my dog I kept thinking was dying, I kept letting my cat in but it kept getting back outside, no windows or doors open. I suppose I was hoping to hear about how other people have attached things to their SAH and not feel like I am going nuts, even though I sort of am, lol Cheers to those that can help me.
  5. Hey everyone, So on 02/03/2012 I had a brain haemorrhage due to an AVM in brain (which I had no idea about). It was too deep inside my brain to operate on without causing some serious damage, so later I discovered they could do gamma knife surgery so the veins will swell up over 2-5 years. I was in the second year of university at the time and I've repeated it since with my marks intact. Now exams are coming up and I'm not sure if I'm ready. But it's been a whole year since it happened so I don't know if I'm being lazy/a wuss or I still can't go back. Also the problem is that even if I repeat again there's no telling if I will be able to go back after another year. So, what's you're opinion on the subject? Also if you could tell me what your recovery times have been like then that would be great.
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