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SAH/Stroke Date

Found 4 results

  1. I had a headache for 6 years and 2 months and seen numerous 'specialists'. The drugs doled out by the NHS were outrageous with ridiculous side effects and I even tried acupuncture. I had a particularly bad run last summer starting in June for about 3-4 months then again in December ending in March. A bad runs leave me basically living in a basic sub-human existence, dopey, tired, irritable etc. After the bad run in March I went on a mission to find something, anything to ease this situation, total free thinking exercise before another relapse. Currently my only medication is Botox as a side effect migraine sufferers found it beneficial. I had the odd paracetamol/Ibuprofen but nothing else but At last I am doing better starting from when I started taking CBD via a vape. I think I may have turned a corner, like a fog has been cleared in my mind and my old energy is there too. CBD is the non-hallucinatory / high part of cannabis and is legal in the UK for some medical conditions like MS as It helps the internal cannabinoid receptor system in the brain. I had thought for a while my headache symptoms were false, like people who have lost a leg and get cramps there if you know what I mean. I don't want to promote anything here but look into it folks if like me you have literally tried everything. I thought it can't be that good, so stopped taking it for 36 hours and all the old symptoms came back, constant left temporal headache, headache 'bangs' (like a punch on the bare brain), lethargy, drowsiness. Hope this helps someone, Im happy to message if you want to discuss but am also aware that on the forum we can't promote any solution or medication. I am so revved up I had to share, my little voice is asking "where is the headache fella", and singing Etta James .... At last, My headache has now gone, My days of pain are over, And life is like a song!
  2. Hello everyone, My mother suffered a SAH in 2012 which was coiled. This site really supported her and my family throughout her initial recovery, so I'm really hoping for some advice. My mum has been doing fairly well up until recently. She gets the usual headaches and pressure feelings, but recently (in the last month or so) she started to get quite sudden headaches. They mostly subside after taking paracetamol but often can linger on and occur again later in the day. She says the come from nowhere and can be quite intense. I'm wondering if anyone else has every experienced this in the years post-SAH? The worry is always there as I would never want her to go through another SAH so any advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I had an MRI done last night at 6pm due to possible seizures. It is now 9am next day. ​A little background of the week - I have been "checking out" here and there at times for a few minutes at a time, realizing this has been going on for a couple months. Last Friday I woke close to the top of my stairs, sitting after doing laundry. I went to my Dr.'s office, saw his associate as mine was out that day. She talked with my Dr. and I was told I needed counseling. I was bitten by my new (psycho) cat this last Thursday and wound up here in the hospital due to infection. BLAH! OK - MRI The last 10 minutes of the MRI, I was injected via IV a contrast called Prohance aka Gadolinium. As the tech administered, he asked if I had any pain at the injection site. None. In the last few scans that I was instructed took 2 mins each. The last one, I started having burning pain on the top of my head as if there was a fire lit there. When I could not handle it anymore, the scan was over. I am not receiving any answers. The Dr. in charge is to come around in the next hour. All I hear is this is rare, which doesn't surprise me. Just being offered pain meds which I have declined. I do not want to mask what is happening. Any thoughts? Experiences?
  4. Hi there, My mum is 48 and had a SAH on the 19th of March 2014. She had the coil operation on the 20th of March and was discharged from hospital on Monday the 7th of April. Whilst in hospital my mum also had vasospasm, seizures and hydrocephalus. A lumbar drain was used to deal with the hydrocephalus and she is on keppra 500mg for the seizures. I was so pleased to have mum home and have been doing my best to look after her but she has had a constant sore head since she's been home. She tells me that the pain isn't getting worse but some days she can barely do anything apart from sleep or hold her sore head. The pain relief she has is codeine 30mg but this doesn't seem to have much impact. She finished her nimodipine course at home and then restarted her blood pressure tablets. I know that I am lucky to still have my mum with me without any major physical problems but I feel so helpless to see her in so much pain! She's been home for a week now and thought I would see some sign of improvement. This Wednesday will be 4 weeks since her SAH, and I know this is still really early in her recovery! How can I help her? Any tips for dealing with a sore head? She doesn't think she needs a doctor but when do I phone for advice? I have an oximeter, blood pressure and heart rate monitor and home and all of these things are fine. She's eating breakfast and dinner and drinking fluid - I've even got decaff tea bags! Some advice would be great! I want to look after my mum - I don't want her to get unwell again! Thanks, Chris
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