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SAH/Stroke Date

Found 2 results

  1. Hi all How many in this group are medical professionals? My question is Are there any particular problems faced by doctors with SAH when returning back to work? I am a neonatologist, a baby doctor. I don't seem to remember faces of patients who I met for the first time, in the time period of about 4 to 5 months prior to SAH. My memory was excellent earlier.
  2. Hi all, I just wanted to start with saying how glad I am that I have found this forum and that this is my first post after reading through a lot of the topics which have been really helpful. I should probably start with a bit of background. 3 and a half weeks ago my Dad collapsed at home following an SAH and within hours had the complication of Hydrocephalus; 18 hours later and 3 different hospitals Dad had a EVD fitted and a coiling procedure. Within a week the drain had 'blocked' and it was removed. He has since had 3 lumbar punctures and it has been 10 days since his last one. He has also had issues with regulating his sodium and has twice dropped to a very low level, they are now managing this with slow-release sodium tablets. At the moment he is currently still in hospital in a medium-care neuro ward. After speaking with the nurse yesterday he is no longer having BP/heart rate obs etc and is not receiving any PT as he is able to walk/move limbs and no speech therapy as he is talking clearly and grammatically. The most obvious problem for Dad now is that he is having difficulty with his memory in a number of ways. A lot of old memories have been brought to the fore; he is having trouble with new memories in that some are not 'sticking' and others would never have happened (like driving to the hospital that morning or going to one of the other patient's house) and could be considered 'fairytale'. We (Me and Mam) visit him for 3 hours a day and have been talking through where he is and what has happened; which seems to be 'sticking' a lot more in the last few days. We also talk through why the 'fairytale' stuff could not have happened. So these are the main areas that I could really do with some help and guidance as I can't really find anything much on the internet. 1. What should we be expecting/asking for from the hospital (we are in the UK) and what should they be doing for Dad 2. What can we do to help him recover, feel happy and make sense of everything that has happened. 3. What helped you the most in your recovery? I'm sorry for the really long post, its the first time I've written all this down. I would be so grateful for any personal experiences or websites that you could direct me to. Thanks, Laura
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