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SAH/Stroke Date

Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone! My name is Sharon, I am 46 and had subarachnoid hemorhage 4 months due to a ruptured aneurysm. They coiled two of them but I have one left that is only suitable to clipping, due to its irregular shape, I think. The neurosurgeon said it is half of 1% a year that it would rupture and 3 to 5% of something going wrong in operation. The other aneurysm that ruptured was only 3mm ( they not sure which one) and this remaining one is also only 3mm so he said he can't guarantee that in the coming years it won't rupture, and my life long expectancy. And no point in monitoring it because of this. So the decision is mine to make on whether I can live with it and take the chance or get it clipped , the neurosurgeon said he is willing to do the clipping soon if I come to the decision to go ahead with operation. Has anyone here had to make a similar decision? Or had clipping of an unruptured aneurysm? I am so afraid. Thanks for reading my post. Sharon x
  2. Hi all, After one year since my SAH, my 2mm unruptured aneurysm will be coiled tomorrow (fingers crossed). The aneurysm appears to have a branch coming out of it so if the doctors say that the coiling is not successful, they will consider clipping. Either way, I'll let you all know. Thank you Gail
  3. Hi, my name is Jan, I had my SAH 7th June 2015 Thunderclap headache - ambulance - blue lighted to hospital I remember very little after that. An aneurysm had burst, this was clipped (craniotomy). I spent five days in critical care conscious but totally unaware of what had happened. I was then transferred to a neuro ward, having no idea why I was in hospital i asked a nurse, she said 'you've had an SAH' I'd never heard of one..helpful? Not! Anyway very long story short I'm left with weakness and numbness in my left arm and leg, my short term memory is rubbish (can't remember where it went!) I also have an unruptured aneurysm found at first follow up scan. My neurosurgeon said it was too small to worry about and the wrong shape to coil..a ticking time bomb I am!! I was very active prior to the SAH working full time in my own business. I now struggle with the fatigue and the frustrations of what I can't achieve yet. I no longer yearn for the 'old Jan' but haven't adjusted to the new one yet. Thank you for reading This wonderful site has helped me enormously reading advice and comments from others.
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