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Hello, it’s been a while. Hope everyone is doing well in your recovery. I know we can’t give medical advice, but I was wondering if anyone ever has numbness in their head and neck, along with a little pain sometimes. It will be 2 years for me in October. And I’ve just recently started having these problems. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful night. 

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Hi Janeece :) 


Lovely to hear from you, but sorry to hear you are having problems sometimes with numbness and a little pain in your head and neck. The first two years of recovery for me, i did get some numbness, pain and also strange creaking noises inside my head and ears. I went to be checked and was told this was all part of mending after my surgery and bleed.


If you have not been checked out i would definitely make an appoinment just for peace of mind that all is ok. Even 13 years later i still get some nerve pain sometimes around my eye and side of face/head where i have metal plates from my craniotomy. This happens when i over do things or get tired.


Wishing you well with your recovery. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


Take care

Tina xx

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Hi there, I get numbness all the time in my face arms and legs, it's been 19 years for me. Lots of things can cause it. I have nerve damage from where he had to remove part of my skull to operate but I also have other medical issues that can cause those symptoms. Try not to worry and speak to your Dr find out what's causing it for you. 


Hope it eases soon. 

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Same here.  Like Tina I have random pains from the craniotomy.  These are first places to hurt when I'm getting a headache or when it's cold outside.  I have also had numbness in my face, which a neurologist suggested could be aggravated by too much caffeine.  And as Jess suggested, other medical issues (for example, spinal) can confuse the cause.  If it is extremely bothersome, best to consult a neurologist.


Best wishes for feeling better, Colleen

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